Although it had been observed by some doctors for a good number of years, AIDS first attracted the attention of the US medical profession in about 1981, not long after the advent of the "gay liberation", and because most of the new cases were male homosexuals it became known as "the gay disease". Gay liberation was a follow-on to the permissive society of the 1960s and 70s in which it became fashionable in all stratas of society to indulge in promiscuous sex, recreational drugs, junk food and fast living. When gays were "freed" and lost a lot of their inhibitions, some of them went wild. In the cities where they congregated, gay bars opened, then gay discos and gay "bath houses". In these places some homosexuals indulged in the most unbelievably promiscuous sexual behavior, sustained by chemical drugs, marijuana, alcohol, etc, performed over and over to exhaustion, and it was only from this sub-group of homosexuals-the ones most dissipated and depleted--that AIDS took its toll. This fact was obvious right from the start when the Center of Disease Control (CDC) conducted its first investigation into AIDS, long before the HIV theory was concocted. The most outstanding factor common to AIDS patients, the CDC noted, was that they were all far more sexually active than the average (about four times as much) with a correspondingly intense history of medical treatment.

Anal sex is acknowledged to be a major factor in AIDS and the official explanation for this is that the delicate membranes of the human anus are more easily permeable by the HIV than are the membranes of the female vagina, and this, say the "experts", is also the reason why the AIDS virus has not spread much into the heterosexual world. This explanation is, however, absurd, because leaving membranes right out of it--if ninety-five per cent of homosexual AIDS patients are of the anal receptive persuasion,* why did not the person who gave them the virus get AIDS too? The dominant partner in the anal sex act must have HIV himself in order to inject it into his passive partner, so why are so few dominant partners affected? The answer obviously has nothing to do with HIV.

*Among 400 consecutive homosexuals screened for AIDS in South Florida at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Miami, between January and November 1983, Doctors Mark Whiteside and Carole MacLeod found that the only ones who had symptoms of AIDS or ARC were the "receivers" or "passive partners" in anal intercourse.

The reason that the dominant homosexual sex partners are far less prone to AIDS than the anal receptive passive partners is that their behavior is less destructive to their immune systems. They tend to have different personalities, they rely less on drugs, and they are incapable of the wanton promiscuity so weakening to the body, whereas the passive partners tend to indiscriminately use chemical drugs such as poppers (amyl nitrite and butyl nitrite) to enhance their sexual highs and to relax their anal muscles. While the dominant partners cannot physically be so promiscuous and avoid the use of drugs that will prevent them achieving an erection, the anal receptive partners, not being so restricted, can be far more promiscuous, having numerous sexual contacts with different partners every day. A survey of over 1000 male homosexuals, described in the Spada Report (Signet book) (James Spada, Signet Books, 1979), throws more light on this subject. The majority of homosexuals interviewed were promiscuous in varying degrees, and while some preferred always the dominant role in sex and some the passive role, most of them indulged in both. However, some gays gained so much extraordinary pleasure from the passive role that they indulged in it with as many partners as they could, as often as they could, and it is significant that so many from this sub-group came down with AIDS. This sexual high of the passive partner is achieved by the physical stimulation of the prostate gland which produces an orgasm of "out of this world" intensity and which is greatly prolonged, variously described as "absolutely mind blowing", "volcanic", "fabulous", etc and which leaves the subject mentally and physically absolutely drained. As if this sort of behavior wasn't weakening enough, it is also known that some of the anal lubricants used by anal receptive gays are immunosuppressive when absorbed into the bloodstream, as has been shown to be the case with sperm in the anal canal.

In addition to such wanton behavior are the further immunosuppressive effects of medical drugs, antibiotics, etc which are liberally prescribed by doctors to "control" the many infections and sexually transmitted diseases common among promiscuous people. Antibiotics are particularly damaging to the immune system and it is no wonder AIDS progresses rapidly once a certain point is reached, particularly when the bone-pointing death sentence of AIDS is pronounced and the deadly AZT* chemotheraphy is commenced.

*See the statements by Duesberg and McKenna in the addendum to Chapter 9, and also "AZT: The AIDS Drug" in Chapter 10.