There are a great many cases of arresting the condition of AIDS and regaining stabilized good health. There is a list of books written by AIDS survivors in the Appendix, but the procedure to restore the body from AIDS (or cancer) is no different than resolving any other health problem except perhaps for one thing: and that is first and foremost to reject and totally banish from the mind that AIDS (or cancer) is irreversible and fatal. Only the cases in which the immune system is completely shattered is this so.

The rules for recovery then are:

  1. Think positive, others have done it, so can you. Remember, few doctors know the real facts about AIDS they know only what they have accepted, parrot-fashion, from the incompetent American AIDS establishment.
  2. Reject all medical treatment. In ten years and having used up billions of dollars in research funds unsuccessfully trying to prove the HIV theory of AIDS, the medical establishment has not saved one life of an AIDS patient, and this is not because AIDS is fatal; it is because the medical procedures are fatal.
  3. Eliminate all drugs of any kind--even aspirin--from your life, forever, including of course nicotine.
  4. Adopt the dietary procedures recommended in Chapter 15: no more junk food, salt, sugar.
  5. Supplement the diet with a minimum of ten grams a day of vitamin C.
  6. Get fit.
  7. Get adequate sleep.
  8. No excesses, sexual or otherwise.
  9. Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.
  10. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, go out and help somebody else, even if only to give them a smile.
  11. Get your teeth fixed, but not with amalgam (mercury) fillings.
  12. Others have done it, so can you. Remember, if a man thinks he can, or if he thinks he cannot, he's right either way.