Premenstrual tension, migraine, schizophrenia, premature senility, Alzheimer's disease, diminished mental acuity, failing eyesight, cataracts, diminished hearing, skin problems, ulcers, kidney stones, gallstones, varicose veins, estrogen imbalance, prostate inflammation, multiple sclerosis and so on, regardless of whatever 'high-tech' names are given them, can all be arrested and in most cases completely reversed, once the body's chemical imbalance has been corrected and homeostasis restored. The only cases in which the body is incapable of regaining homeostasis and achieving subsequent healing are those in which one or more vital organs have broken down irreparably, but because such complete failure is never a certainty, hope should never be abandoned even in the most advanced stages of degeneration. Even if organs are left with only a fraction of their original capacity, when the causes of toxemia are avoided the remaining capacity of the organ may still be sufficient to permit normal body functions. The recuperative powers of the body once homeostasis is restored are almost beyond belief.