Under the heading of alternative medicine comes orthomolecular medicine, acupuncture, osteopathy, homeopathic medicine, faith healing, transcendental meditation, chiropractic and so on. All of these practices are forms of "medicine" aimed therapeutically to cure some sort of health problem, and indeed they are all recorded as having achieved either relief from various conditions of disease or in some cases complete "cures", which explains why each method is claimed by its enthusiasts to be the way to go.

But none of these methods achieve permanent "cures", simply because they address only part of a patient's problem without getting to the root of it--toxemia. But even if they don't get very good or lasting results, at least they are a form of medicine that does no harm and doesn't cost a small fortune at every attendance.

Sitting crosslegged in pyramid structures, watching pendulums, or performing Oriental exercises in the open air may make a lot of people feel good but will do little to correct the toxemia within them which is due to the sort of food they eat. An interesting event happened about ten years ago, not long after the author's first book, The Health Revolution was published. A friend of mine, an ex-Air Force pilot, had a flourishing business conducting the practice of pain relief using laserbeam acupuncture. He had a steady clientele because his pain relief treatment worked and his patients kept coming back. When my friend became enthused by the contents of The Health Revolution he began to purchase the books by the carton, insisting to his patients they should follow the advice contained therein. To make a short story even shorter, most of his patients changed their diets, lost their pains, and my friend closed up shop and went back to flying airplanes.