The body has an enormous capacity, even in old age, to maintain homeostasis in the presence of many harmful influences, and so a reasonable state of "marginal" health can exist which is a borderline condition maybe displaying signs of impending trouble but not yet displaying recognizable symptoms. In the absence of symptoms it is usually assumed that a person is in good health when they are nowhere near it, their borderline condition making them susceptible to infection, allergy or some metabolic upset, from the first adverse influence encountered, and when sickness "attacks" it will be that particular influence (the straw that broke the camel's back) that will get all the blame. Often a person with latent cancer will develop cancer at the site of an injury or bruise, and it is often thought that injury can cause cancer. Likewise cancer may develop following severe emotional stress, or similar stress can bring on an attack of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes or angina, but for these "diseases" to occur the body first must be in a highly toxic, borderline condition. It takes a lot of straws to break a camel's back and all must take their share of the blame.

Thus, when someone with multiple sclerosis, cancer, arthritis or similar goes "into remission" for a while only to later suffer another progression of the disease, and then with a bit of luck experience another period of "remission", it is because the balance of factors underlying the degree of toxemia in the body is teetering first one side and then the other of the borderline of the body's capacity to maintain homeostasis. Sometimes something as simple as a little TLC (tender loving care) or confidence inspired by a caring doctor or a faith healer, or simple loss of appetite for food, will swing the balance the right way. When people take garlic, aloe vera, ginseng or something else that lowers blood viscosity (leeches and snake venom extracts can do the same), beneficial effects are experienced if the right side of borderline is regained, whereupon the "curative" effects of these things become part of folklore and "alternative medicine", while they are called quackery by the medical profession because they are not "scientific". Food allergy is another problem which is not consistent and is more severe if a person is fatigued or highly stressed, so before spending weeks testing for "guilty" foods, the main effort should be devoted to fully restoring the body's capacity to maintain homeostasis and adequate production of digestive enzymes.