We are not concerned with diseases but with
mistakes . . . of living. Get rid of the mistakes
and the diseases will disappear of their own accord.
Dr Are Waerland


The mistakes of living built into our civilized way of life that together lead to the metabolic malfunctions we call disease have already been described in previous chapters, but as some misconceptions or doubts may still exist a little more information will not go astray, if only to counteract some of the erroneous views expounded by the various experts, for instance, that grain products are wonder foods or that wonder drugs are a boon to mankind. Misguidance abounds.

Because of misguidance by "experts" on nutrition, a great many health-conscious people get arthritis or even cancer (which is the reason Improving on Pritikin was written), and because of further misguidance by medical experts a lot of these health-conscious people perish. The misguidance stems from the entrenched concept of the "five major food groups" which concept, even modified to reduce fat levels from forty per cent to thirty per cent of total food kilojoules, still guarantees lipotoxemia by way of excess fat and protein. Whereas nutritional misguidance results from the misinterpretation of information that is reasonably accurate, medical misguidance is far worse because not only does it stem from established beliefs that are entirely erroneous, not only are the so-called experts ignorant and confused about what they are supposedly expert in, not only therefore is the guidance they offer hopelessly in error, but the guidance is all the more dangerous because dressed in the dignified terms that doctors use to "impress the natives", it is accepted with complete trust by the unsuspecting patient.

Remember Dr Mendelsohn's advice from Chapter 11. "There's no more dangerous activity than walking into a doctor's office, clinic, or hospital unprepared . . ."

Steering clear of doctors when your body is not working properly does not mean you must undertake self-treatment for disease, however, because as Dr Waerland proclaimed: "We are not concerned with diseases . . . but with mistakes of living. Get rid of the mistakes and the diseases will disappear of their own accord." In other words: correct the mistakes, purify the milieu interieur, restore homeostasis, and there you have it--glowing health again. No tests, no drugs, no trauma, no expense.

The many factors causing toxemia and the loss of homeostasis are listed in previous chapters, and it is according to the sort of dietary errors and to a lesser extent the other errors and their degree that the corresponding symptoms of impaired homeostasis are displayed. It is conventional of course to regard a symptom as a specific disease in its own right and to give it a name, and as there are innumerable variations in the way homeostasis can be impaired, so in the medical textbooks appear innumerable names of diseases, it being considered the peak of medical skill to diagnose correctly which is which, even though a doctor has no idea of the cause and no idea of how to "cure" whatever it is called. But as can be seen, that while each different symptom or group of symptoms can point to the errors underlying them, the procedure of diagnosis is completely superfluous because in all cases all that needs to be done is to restore homeostasis, and once health returns who cares what name belonged to the now vanished "disease"?

It must be remembered that the Western diet conveys toxemia in a double-barrelled form called lipotoxemia due to the high levels of fat that enters the bloodstream, so that the milieu interieur is confounded not only chemically, but physically as well. Therefore it should be borne in mind that while homeostasis and good health may in many cases be regained simply by correcting the physical component of toxemia (ie the blood fats that make the blood sticky), for the newfound health to be complete and lasting the chemical component needs to be corrected as well. Regarding the chemical component, it should be remembered that apart from the toxemia produced from by-products of excess protein, fat, etc in the diet, toxins from other sources may contribute heavily, for instance: mercury from amalgam tooth fillings, infected teeth, fluoride, chlorine, etc in drinking water, residual hormones used in beef production, residual chemicals in food crops, air pollution and so on.

It must also be remembered that all chemical functions in the body, both for normal metabolism and for detoxification, are entirely dependent on enzymes. The more work to be done, the more enzymes are required. To make enzymes, the body needs colloidal minerals of all kinds, the best source of which, by far, are fresh, raw fruit and vegetables.