Constipation, which is a major factor in the toxemia underlying most of the other common complaints, occurs for two reasons:

  1. Wrong food containing too much fat and not enough vegetable fiber.
  2. Incorrect posture for defecation. The natural posture for defecation is the squatting position. While standing or sitting there is a kink in the anal canal which is an effective seal which has to be overcome by extra pressure in order to expel the contents of the bowel; but when squatting the kink straightens out and the bowel movement is much easier. In Asian countries where toilet pans sit flush with the floor, and with the other advantages of a diet containing greater amounts of vegetables, constipation is not the universal problem it is in Western countries.

The adoption of the squatting position for defecation not only soon achieves freedom from constipation but solves also the problem of urinary incontinence in women, and relief of prostate disorders in men, while at the same time allowing the natural healing of hemorrhoids.

Squatting is also the natural position for childbirth.

Thus it can be seen that when toxemia exists, every single function of the body is to some extent adversely affected, worsening as the years go by as the body's vital organs deteriorate and become less and less able to achieve homeostasis.