Natural diet, happiness and serenity, high morale, a positive attitude, adequate rest and sleep, fresh air, physical exercise.


Most common

  • toxemia from dietary errors, constipation;
  • dietary deficiencies, in particular Vitamin C; worry;
  • chemicals from different sources including fluoride, chlorine, etc in water supplies, pesticide residues in food, other chemicals in food; and
  • medicine--aspirin, tranquillizers, cough mixtures, etc.
  • More severe

  • alcohol;
  • smoking;
  • overweight;
  • overwork, fatigue;
  • mental trauma--anger, pain, worry, frustration, grief, fear;
  • physical trauma--sexual excesses, excessive athletic training, prolonged discomfort, heat, cold; and
  • chemical trauma--mercury in amalgam tooth fillings, poisons from infected teeth, poisons from insect bites, ticks, etc, septicemia, common medicines, prescription medicines, antibiotics, vaccinations.
  • Very severe

  • severe malnutrition--junk food, high sugar, high salt, high fat, high cholesterol, severe vitamin C deficiency;
  • all drugs used habitually whether taken intravenously, orally or inhaled, including marijuana, etc and antibiotics (refer to "AIDS" in Chapter 8);
  • constant sexual promiscuity (see "AIDS"); receptive anal sex (see "AIDS");
  • bereavement, low self-esteem, guilt, hopelessness (see "AIDS"); and
  • mental trauma of voodoo or bone-pointing death sentence by shaman, witchdoctor, or modern physician (see AIDS: What It Is. Part 2"AIDS").