Immunotherapy is the attempt to influence the course of a disease by artificial manipulation of the immune system after the disease has become established. Vaccines made from blood samples, urine, etc have been used against a number of diseases in an endeavor to stimulate a specific immune response, as well as various other vaccines designed to stimulate the non-specific response. Results have always been disappointing, and this is no wonder.

Failure of immunotherapy is inevitable, because it is designed to stimulate artificially something which is exhausted. The solution is simple: forget about the immune system, forget about the tumor, headache, or what have you, and set about restoring the general health with diet, rest, relaxation, sunshine and exercise. The immune system will thereupon regenerate along with the rest of the body, thankful to be free of medical "help".

Summarizing On The Immune System

It is barely recognized, but nevertheless true, that animals and plants, as well as men, can live peacefully with their most notorious microbial enemies. The world is obsessed by the fact that poliomyelitis can kill and maim several thousand unfortunate victims every year. But more extraordinary is the fact that millions upon millions of young people become infected by polio viruses, yet suffer no harm from the infection. The dramatic episodes of conflict between men and microbes are what strike the mind. What is less readily apprehended is the more common fact that infection can occur without producing disease.
 Rene Dubos, Microbiologist (Mirage of Health, Harper, 1959)

To a member of modern society, the "suffering no harm" that Dubos mentions appears extraordinary, but as he goes on to say, it is the more common fact. In a community properly endowed with health, the extraordinary event would be anybody getting sick at all.

To summarize the immune system:

  • The capability of the immune system,. when functioning properly, is far greater than generally imagined.
  • The general level of health in civilized society is marginal, and therefore so too is the general level of immunocompetence.
  • This accounts for the generally accepted high incidence of all kinds of infections, particularly influenza, and the increase in VD, herpes, hepatitis, candida and so on.
  • Also associated with marginal health and poor immunocompetence is the relentless increase in cancer.
  • The immune system cannot be artificially boosted; all it needs is a supply of decent blood with plenty of oxygen in a body free of stress and it soon regenerates of its own accord.