Study carefully the chapter on food combining and make regular use of it until proper combining of foods becomes an automatic habit. Thereafter, conscious attention to the matter will not be so necessary.

It is a good plan to serve one (at most two) cooked vegetables along with a salad and a protein or starch; or, better still, serve the salad and protein or starch only and no cooked food. This kind of eating does not tempt to overeating. If a large salad is had at the beginning of the meal it tends to prevent over-eating of the more concentrated food-stuffs.

The bulk of each meal should consist of fresh fruits or fresh green vegetables. If an exclusive raw food diet is not adopted, the diet should be at least three-fourths raw. Foods should be combined properly.

Oils and acids should not be added to salads as a general thing. Acids interfere with both starch and protein digestion. Gastric secretion of hydrochloric acid is feeble or lacking when unemulsified fats are taken in the food. Vinegar or lemon juice should be omitted. Oils and acids interfere with protein digestion.

The juices of cabbage and other vegetables, added to a meal, greatly increase the gastric secretion. Not only do they cause more gastric juice to be poured out, but the enzymic content of the juice is markedly raised. Hence, the wisdom of feeding an abundance of green vegetables with protein foods. Cabbage juice actually completely neutralizes and counteracts the inhibiting effects of fat upon gastric secretion and motility and, as before stated, even small amounts of some fats slow down gastric secretion.

Fruit, notwithstanding its high value as food, if eaten with a regular meal, may cause the whole meal to become a reeking mass of decomposition. Because of the ease with which it decomposes after its investing membrane is broken, and because of its chemistry, it is best eaten as a fruit meal—acid fruits at one meal; sweet fruits at another.

Fruits require from sixty-five to eighty minutes for complete digestion. To throw such foods into the stomach with foods which require hours of digestion works havoc with the chemistry of digestion. If fruits "don't agree" with you, try eating them correctly and learn what a wonderful food fruit really is.