Godstone, April 16, 1824.

Sir, - The Parish Officers of Godstone with myself desire to offer to you our united very sincere thanks for your obliging attention, gratuitously paid to Francis Fulbrook of this Parish, labouring under a severe Rheumatic attack. He has returned apparently very much mended by the treatment adopted in your valuable Baths, and is about to return to his usual work, which had been long interrupted, and it is hoped he will now be able to continue.

I am, Sir,

Your obedient servant,

C. I. Hoare,

Vicar of Godstone.

To Mr. Mahomed,

Godstone, Surrey, May 19, 1824.

Sir, - I hereby desire to return to you my sincere thanks for the unmerited favour you have bestowed on me, by the gratuitous application of your Vapour Bath, and with your permission, I desire to send a few particulars of the first attack of my disorder: - In April, 1823, I was taken with a pain in my right knee - I went to work in the morning but was obliged to give up work - I kept getting worse, and having a cold on me, I continued in pain nearly one month. I then got something better, until about the 8th day of June following - I was then obliged to take to my bed, application was then made to the Doctor, he said the rheumatic fever had seized my limbs; I then took some medicine, and also a liquid was prepared to bathe my knees and shoulders with, but I was not able to assist in dressing myself until near the Christmas following - I then got a little better, but not likely to have the use of my arms again, (especially the left arm) but through the kindness of friends, and the application of your valuable Vapour Baths, I can now follow my daily employment with apparent ease, though I sometimes feel a small pain dart into my hips, but it is soon gone again.

I sincerely desire that my case may be made known to the community at large, that all who are afflicted with the like disorder, may partake of the powerful effects of your most excellent Vapour Baths. Therefore, in gratitude for your benevolent kindness so freely shewed to me, I desire to remain,

Sir, Your most obedient and humble servant, Francis Fulbrook.