84, King's-road, Brighton, Sept. 13,1823.

Mr. Mahomed, - In justice to my own feelings, to you, and my sincere wish to contribute in any way towards relieving a suffering fellow being, I could not leave this, without sending you this testimony of the benefit I have received from the use of your Medicated Vapour Baths, the persevering in the use of which, has rendered my stay here most comfortable, and without which, I feel assured I should have remained as when I arrived, in a very miserable and crippled state, and unfit to have enjoyed the society of my family and friends; as you saw me, of course, I need not describe to you, the swellings and hardness in my ancle and knee joints; in short, that I could not put one leg before the other without the greatest pain and difficulty, and I began really to think I had ost the use of them, so long has an unhealthy (I can call it by no other name,) species of Gout been hanging about me, and I may add, though constitutionally subject to this disorder, and have suffered acute pain, it neverlasted for so long a period as this last attack, and I was determined to try what a regular series of the Vapour Bath would effect. The very first I took refreshed me, the second relieved me much, and after the third I was enabled to walk with comparative ease and comfort.

Each succeeding one had its progressive good effect, and now at the week's end, I can take my usual rambles, and almost forget I had the Gout at all. You have on your list of cases, many in every way of greater importance and consequence, quite sufficient, I should think, to prove the use and efficacy of your establishment; but as I before observed, if I can be of the slightest use to a fellow-creature, or of service to you, I am determined the testimony of so humble an individual as myself shall not be withheld; and with my sincere wishes for your prosperity, I remain, Mr. Mahomed,

Your's, very much,

J. W. Fermor, Major-General.