Case XXXIX. Case Of Scrofula And Contraction Of The Knee

Brighton, November 29th, 1825. Dear Sir, - My younger sister residing in Hanover, having been for upwards of six years afflicted with a contraction and swelling in the knee, evidently of scrofulous origin, which had baffled the utmost efforts of her medical advisers, and after the most powerful stimulants, such as perpetual blisters and even the burning iron, had been applied in vain; I was induced to send for her over, in order to try whether the Vapour Bath and Shampooing might be of benefit to her. On her arrival she was in the most emaciated state, her complexion pale, and hardly able to move with crutches; after a dozen of your Vapour Baths, she shewed symptoms of improvement, and by continuing the same for upwards of six months, she was so much restored as to be able to walk without crutch or stick a couple of miles; and by using the cold sea bath afterwards for six months, she returned to her parents in Germany in such an improved state of health, that her friends could hardly recognise her.

My father in his letter to me, most feelingly said, "Having convinced myself that I again beheld my child, I went on my knees to thank the Almighty for her wonderful restoration." Two years and a half having now elapsed since her return, I am happy to inform you that she is now in the same improved state as when she left England.

I am, my dear Sir,

Yours truly,

C. Kramer.

To Sake Deen Mahomed Shampooing Surgeon, Brighton

Herald of health! whose spells of charmed pow'r Soothe the deep anguish of affliction's hour, Assuage, with healing art, the pangs of grief, And on the pain-worn suff 'rer pour relief, Steep the rack'd sense in halm of sweetest sleep, And close the eyes that only wak'd to weep;

Bid Sorrow's woes, Affection's trials cease, And in the ear of Anguish whisper "Peace." O let thy volume spread thy well-earn'd fame, That distant vot'ries now may bless thy name, And seek, from thee, our nature's dearest wealth, Our God's best blessing, the sweet boon of health!

Brighton, 1st December, 1825.