Case XXXII. Case Op Contraction Arising From Sprain

Miss Walker has great pleasure in acknowledging the benefit she has derived from Mr. Mahomed's Vapour Baths, in the case of a contraction arising from a sprain.

Tilehurst, Sept. 29, 1825.

Case XXXIII. Case Of Sprained Shoulder With Stiffness

Stanmer, October 5, 1825. Sir, - I have much pleasure in acknowledging the benefit-which I derived from the use of your Vapour Bath. Early in the summer of 1823 I sprained my shoulder, which produced a stiffness (attended occasionally with pain) that in the course of time prevented my raising my arms to my head; at the beginning of the following autumn, I had recourse to your

Baths, which soon afforded the greatest relief, and ultimately restored the free use of my arm.

I am, Sir, etc. etc. etc.

M. Chichester

Case XXXIV. Case Of Paralysis

Miss Gordon was attacked in the summer of 1824, with a bilious fever, attended with determination of blood to the head. When recovering from this, an error in diet brought on a relapse, when she was seized with paralysis of the lower extremities. She came to Brighton in April, 1825, perfectly unable to stand, and began the use of the Vapour Bath and Shampooing daily. From this time her improvement was most rapid, and in the following September she was able to walk across the room without assistance, and to walk a mile merely leaning upon a person's arm. Miss Gordon has much pleasure in bearing this public testimony to the great benefit she has derived from Mr. Mahomed's Medicated Vapour Bath.

November 3,1825.

Case XXXV. Case Of Lameness In The Knee

To Mr. Mahomed.

No. 1, St. Dunstan's Hill, London. Nov. 9, 1825. SiR, - I have much pleasure in recording the great and speedy benefit derived from your Indian Medicated Vapour Baths and Shampooing system.

I suffered severe lameness in the knee from the effects of a cold, and was unable to walk without the aid of a crutch, for nearly two months, during which period I received little or no relief from a variety of appropriate outward applications: I then subjected myself to your Vapour Baths, - three of which mitigated, and sixteen entirely removed the evil above described. I remain, Sir,

Your obliged servant,

Charles Skipper.

Case XXXVI. Case Of Lameness

Mrs. E. Lamb's compliments to Mr Mahomed, has returned the crutches, and begs Mr. M. to accept her best thanks by leaving them as a proof of the benefit she has derived from his Vapour Baths.

Ship-street Gardens, Brighton, Nov. 15, 1825, Or No. 1, Terrace, Kensington.

Case XXXVII. Case Of Lumbago

Dear SiR, - Although amongst the majority of formidable cases, wherein your superior mode of Indian Shampooing and application of Medicated Vapour Baths to the alleviation of human afflictions, (of which abundant proofs are extant), mine must appear of very minor importance in the scale of comparison; candour compels me to declare, in grateful return for your attention and ability, that they were not so considered by me, while suffering at various times under the pain of lumbago, stiff-neck, and rheumatism, each local attack, at distant intervals, having been happily dissipated by your soothing and pleasant system; by which, although previously ill at ease, I was as suddenly and completely restored, as if I had never been affected. Thinking the knowledge of these restorations may be as beneficial to others, as they have been pleasant to myself, you are at liberty to make what use you please of the sentiments of

Your obliged, humble servant, C. Bew, Nov. 17th, 1825. East-street, Brighton

To S. D. Mahomed, Indian Vapour Bath.