Erighton, Nov. 20, 1825. SiR, - The great benefit my son has derived from your Vapour Bath has induced me to make his case known to the public: he was from his birth a very fine healthy child until he was two years old, when he caught the meazles, which left him in a very bad state, full of scrofulous humour all over him, with a swelling on his knee. I had every advice I possibly could have, but he still continued getting worse both in bodily health and lameness, his leg becoming very much contracted; in short, his knee was so alarming, that I was persuaded by a medical man to allow him to suffer amputation above the knee, as the only chance of saving his life. As a last resource, I was induced to try your Vapour Bath, and I must say, with little hopes of success on my part, as the child at that time was a mere skeleton, nearly blind with one eye, and in a most shocking state, with loss of appetite, and could not move across the room without the use of crutches. To my great surprise, after taking three or four of the Vapour Baths, his appetite began to increase, and he continued getting better.

After about two months he left off his crutches and walked with a stick, and in respect of his bodily health, no child could be better, and so he continues, free from all humour in his body and the picture of health, to the astonishment of every one who knew him. I feel it a duty incumbent on me, to return you my grateful thanks for restoring my child to the state he is now in, and I shall always pray for your welfare. Any person wishing to see the child, I shall feel it a great pleasure to give them every information I can on the subject. I have also to return you my grateful thanks for the cure you have made of my eldest son, whom I sent to you with a dreadful swelled knee, occasioned by a fall, so bad that he could not get in and out of the fly without great assistance. I am happy to say, that after taking three of the Vapour Baths, he was enabled to walk home without assistance, and is now quite recovered.

By publishing this in your book, you will much oblige,

Sir, your most obedient, and ever grateful servant, Daniel Lucas. No. 5, Edward-street, Brighton. To Mr. Mahomed.