What the Vapour Bath and Shampooing, together, are enabled to effect, my readers must have had, already, sufficient proof: I do not wish to press them forward as being capable of accomplishing every cure, but it must be allowed on all hands, my praise of their general and conjoined efficacy, does not exceed the fair limits of truth. I have dwelt on "Asthma,Contractions, Paralysis, Rheumatisms, and Sprains:" with what success I have treated these several complaints, the letters I have received are the best testimony I can offer:

I have now only to present a few cases of a general character, some of them being of a very peculiar description, and which, without comment, I lay before my readers, to bear evidence for themselves.

Case I. Case Of Hoarseness And Loss Of Voice

Anne Fosseck, of Gracechurch-street, London, after having taken a number of the Indian Medicated Vapour Baths, has proved their efficacy, by the restoration of her voice, which she had lost during the space of the preceding six months. This testimony she is desirous of leaving, for the benefit of others; and also, as an acknowledgment for the benefit which she has derived:

Brighton, 5th of the 8th month, 1819.

Case II. Case Of Violent Pain In The Knee, Occasioned Ay Severe Cold

I, Hannah Shee, of No. 11, Mount Pleasant, Brighton, was afflicted for eleven years with a violent pain in my knee, brought on by a severe cold I caught from lying in damp sheets: - By the use of the Medicated Vapour Bath and Shampooing seven times, I was perfectly cured

Sept. 12, 1814.

Case III. Case Of Loss Of Voice

Mrs. Morgan has great pleasure in acknowledging the efficacy of Mr. Mahomed's Vapour Baths, which, after a few trials, restored her voice, which she had lost for two years and three quarters.

Brighton, August 14, 1822.

Case IV. Case Of Spinal Complaint

Dear Sir, - I cannot think of leaving Brighton, without acknowledging the great benefit I have experienced by the use of your invaluable Medicated Vapour Baths, and feel truly grateful that the Almighty has blessed your system in a case where I had wholly despaired of recovery. After above four years extreme lameness from a spinal complaint, I have now the satisfaction of accompanying my friends in short walks, with the free use of my limbs; and when I give myself the pleasure of calling on you, seeing my crutches arranged amongst numerous others on your staircase, surrendered on similar happy occasions. I assure you I have been, and still continue, a most zealous advocate in recommending invalids, and shall be solicitous to promote your interest, and contribute to the relief of my suffering fellow-creatures, by relating my own wonderful restoration.

With best respects to Mrs. Mahomed and yourself, I remain, Dear Sir,

Your obliged Patient, Marian Sedgwick. Brighton, May 2, 1822.

Case XI. Case Of Piles

Sir, - I had for four years been afflicted with inward and outward piles, of which, after taking your Indian Medicated Vapour Bath daily, for six weeks, and using your Indian ointment, I was perfectly cured. I think it but my duty to give you my testimony for the good of others. I had been under the care of several professional gentlemen for a considerable time, but was afforded no relief. I repeat, I am now perfectly cured.

I am, Sir, Your most obliged servant,

Jonathan Morgan, No. 3, Marine-parade, Brighton, June 17,1822. or Caermarthenshire, Wales.

Case XIII. Case Of Hurt Thumb

Dear Sir, - Having resided five weeks at Brighton, I cannot possibly take leave ere I ackowledge the benefit I have derived from your Vapour Baths. Four months have elapsed since I first experienced the loss of the use of my right hand, the tendon of the thumb being violently hurt; I am now, thank God, truly happy to say I can write, and render myself every assistance.

That you and Mrs. Mahomed may long live to be a blessing to your friends and the public, is the sincere wish of,

Dear Sir,

Yours very truly, H. Neave.

Case XIV. Case Of Indigestion And Torpid Liver

Miss Bright, from the Hundreds of Essex, is most happy in acknowledging the benefit she has received from using Mr. Mahomed's Vapour Bath. She had been a sufferer for several years, from indigestion; and it was supposed a torpid liver. After using the Bath sixteen days successively, and being cupped once in the nape of the neck, a general circulation was produced in her system; she gradually improved in health, and has every reason to hope the amendment may be permanent. In the course of nine months she used the Bath fifty times.

Brighton, July 9, 1819.

Case XV

I, Thomas Yeates, being afflicted with Epileptic Fits, and Weakness, for ten years, after taking ten of Mr. Mahomed's Steam and Vapour Baths, found great benefit.