Brighton, October 9, 1822.

My Dear Sir, - Through the divine blessing, you have been the means of so much benefit to my bodily health, that I cannot leave this place without testifying my gratitude to you upon that account.

Having from my early youth suffered severely from diseased spine, my whole constitution has received a shock which perhaps it will never altogether recover from. It is true that distressing and most painful malady was, under the judicious treatment of a very dear medical friend, nearly cured three years ago, at Clifton, that is to say, by my remaining in a horizontal posture nearly two years, the inflammation of the spine entirely subsided, and I was pronounced free from that disorder; yet, notwithstanding this, such a degree of weakness remained that I was quite unable to bear the motion of a carriage sitting up, and equally unable to bear the exercise of walking without great pain and difficulty. Some time after I left Clifton, symptoms of the disease being about to return became evident, which symptoms became more and more alarming, until I came to this place last June, at which time the curve of the dorsal vertebrae (which had never been entirely removed) became more considerable, with increasing tenderness in several of the bones. I was suffering much likewise when I came here from a very painful nervous disorder in the head, which made the least noise distressing to me in the extreme.

Upon first using your justly celebrated Vapour Bath, the nervous irritation was greatly relieved, and my head felt more quiet and easy than it before had done for a length of time. I have now used the Bath fifty times, and can truly say that the effect has been great indeed with respect to the spine. That curve, which was so considerable when I came here, is almost removed; the tenderness, although not entirely removed in all the bones, greatly lessened; - I can bear the motion of a carriage sitting up, with comfort, which before I had not for six year3 been able to do; - I can now walk nearly half a mile at a time, with more ease than I could, when I left home, walk twenty yards. On account of the very delicate state of my lungs, I am obliged for the winter to leave the sea, which I very much regret, being well assured that continuing the Bath some time longer would quite cure the spinal disorder; however, please God I live, I hope to renew it in the spring, with increased benefit. The disorder in my head has been likewise greatly relieved, and my strength much increased, a full proof that it is not the tendency of the Vapour Bath to weaken; I can likewise bear my testimony that it does not make people grow thin, for I have been gaining flesh ever since I began to use it.

May God continue to bless you in the means you have hitherto so effectually used for the relief of your fellow-creatures; may He spare you long to your friends, and before your removal from this world, fit you for that eternal state to which we are all hastening.

I remain, my dear Sir,

Your sincere and grateful Friend,

Mary Walker.