Brighton, Nov. 6, 1821.

Mr. Mahomed. - Sir, I am very unwilling to leave your house, without acknowledging my gratitude for the wonderful cure effected on Mrs. Wartnaby by the use of your Vapour Baths and advice. She had for many years past laboured under a most distressing nervous complaint, attended with dreadful pains in the head, which confined her the greatest part of the year to her bed, and for which she never experienced any relief, although the advice of many medical gentlemen in London and elsewhere had been followed. About three years ago she was desired to try the effects of the sea air, and came to this place, recommended to a gentleman of the profession, who attended her for four months without the least benefit; and as I had at that time used the Vapour Baths with success in curing a long-standing head-ache, brought on, I imagine, by my constant attendance at Lloyd's Coffeehouse, I much wished that their efficacy should be tried by Mrs. W; but I was opposed by the gentleman who attended her, who seemed decidedly to object to the experiment.

Since that period she had been getting gradually worse, and at last our medical friend candidly told us that no medicine could be of service to her, and that she must keep herself wrapped in flannel, carefully avoiding all atmospheric air, and bear her miserable existence (for it was no better) with her accustomed fortitude. Seeing no end to her sufferings by her remaining in such a state, I again urged, with all the arguments I wa3 able, the use of your Vapour Baths, and at length (though from her very weak frame not without danger) got her to your house, where she has resided for the space of two months, and now returns home with me in as good health and spirits as possible, perfectly able to bear the coldest air, and to walk for miles, if necessary.

Whilst my pen is in my hand, I take the opportunity of mentioning another most extraordinary case, recommended by me: A very intimate acquaintance and neighbour, who had lost the use of her limbs for the last four or five years, was induced, by my intreaties, to try your Vapour Baths, being satisfied they could do no harm - whilst at the same time her physician gave no hopes of relief - she came to Brighton, and although the Baths have only been used for a fortnight, she is now able to walk without the use of her crutches, or the assistance of any one, and doubtless will return home, in the course of a month, perfectly cured.

I remain, Sir, Your most humble Servant,

Joseph Wartnaby,

Dalston, near Hackney, and Lloyd's Coffee-House.