On the 3d of October, 1818, I was seized with a most violent pain in my leg and thigh; a few days after which I perceived a lump of hard substance on the latter; also a swelling in the veins, both of which increased every succeeding day; till, at last, I was so lame that I could not walk across the room without assistance, during the space of five weeks; nor did I ever sleep at night, the pain was so exeruciating. I was ordered by a medical gentleman to apply ten leeches, which I did without receiving the smallest relief. I was then bled in the foot, without better success; after which I tried fomentations of poppies, and applied warm flannel: in short, every remedy proved ineffectual. I began to fear it would be of serious consequence, when I was most fortunately recommended to make trial of Mr. Mahomed's Vapour Baths, which I did: after the first I felt much relief; after the second I was enabled to walk up and down stairs; and, upon taking the third bath, I walked home; the seventh restored me to perfect health, in which state I am at present; nor have I ever felt the least pain, nor seen the smallest swelling in my veins; for all of which I certainly am indebted to Mr. Mahomed's Vapour Bath and Shampooing, and I have no hesitation in saying that I shall ever feel happy in recommending them, whenever in my power, to any one afflicted in a similar manner.

Mary Davis,

Servant-maid to Dr. Bankhead, Marine-parade.

Brighton, Dec. 28, 1818.