In justice to Mr. Mahomed, I declare he has effected a perfect cure on me - Having, from violent exercise and exertion while hunting, strained the muscles and sinews of my right leg and thigh, in such a manner as not to be able to walk, a large abscess formed on my thigh, and "a nervous rheumatic gout affection" (as the faculty term it) attended it, the pain of which was so great as to deprive me after two more bathings, repeated on successive days, the child walked home without her crutches; and in two or three days more, she was so far recovered as to walk a mile at a time. From that time to the present, a space of four weeks, the foot has been daily improving in strength, and the child is now on the point of returning home, able to walk nearly as well as before the inflammation appeared, with a slight limp.

During the first two days of trying the bath, the child was immersed only to the hip, under an apprehension that entire immersion might injure the general health. By Mr. Mahomed's desire, she was on the third and fourth days, wholly immersed in the Vapour. No debility whatever appeared to result from it; on the contrary, the child's general health and strength (which, however, before were good) seemed improved, and remain so to this moment. Mr. Powles thinks it right to state that he has no doubt that the child's health was in progress of recovery previously to her going to Mr. Mahomed, and that the medical treatment which she had received, and was still under, would have ended in the cure of the foot. No hopes were, however, held out to him of any other than a protracted cure; and it seems to him, therefore, that Mr. Mahomed accomplished, in a very few days, what, according to all experience and expectation, would otherwise have been the work of many months. He has, however, been very careful to state the circumstances precisely as they have occurred, for the information of others, who will, of course, draw their own conclusions from them.

J. D. Powles. Brighton, Sept. 12, 1819.