Case II

Lord Newark presents his compliments to Mr. Mahomed, and has great pleasure in stating, that his knee, which from repeated sprains was too weak for any exertion, and almost entirely helpless, was completely restored by his Vapour Baths in three weeks, without a single drawback. He left off the knee cap, which he had worn for many months, after the second Bath.

55, King's Road, West Cliff, Brighton, November 11, 1822.

Case III

Lady Louisa Cornwallis, owing to a sprain, had bees unable to put her right foot to the ground for nearly two years; during that period she was attended by some of the most eminent Surgeons in London, who attributed the constant pain she suffered, to deep seated inflammation on the muscles and joints; they prescribed bleeding, blisters, vinegar poultices, and other cold applications, which were all tried without producing any amendment. Friction, warm bathing, and bandages proved equally unsuccessful.

Mr. Mahomed, upon examining her foot, felt confident the pain proceeded entirely from one of the muscles being a little twisted, and that the Vapour Bath with his method of Shampooing, would effect a complete cure.

After coming out of the Bath the third time, Lady Louisa walked across the room without support, and was at the end of ten days, able to take walking exercise for half an hour, with only slight inconvenience arising from weakness of the muscles, and is now perfectly free from the pain she suffered constantly, for more than eighteen months.

Brighton, September 17, 1822.

Case IV

London, Nov. 1, 1822. Sir, - I have been requested by my sister, in compliance with your wish of adding her case to your work, now publishing, to forward you every particular of her accident and cure, feeling most happy in the opportunity thus afforded her of bearing testimony to the efficacy of your Vapour Baths, and hoping thereby to induce others, similarly afflicted, to employ the remedy which in her case has been attended with such success, the more unlooked for, as the accident occurred nearly three years previous to her applying to you. The Sprain in her knee arose from a very trifling cause, occasioned by her bodily health being in rather a debilitated state, and might have been less serious in, its consequences, had not a very retired situation deprived her for many months of good medical advice, and it was not until after being two years on crutches that she came to London, where she remained nine months, and certainly during that time, made some progress but though hopes were firmly held out to her of a cure at last, yet not any were given of its being effected under another twelvemonth at least; during which time it was necessary to abstain as much as possible from the use of any thing that would irritate the offended nerve, and bring on a return of inflammation.

Her general health in the mean time had suffered materially from confinement and want of exercise, and it was with the hope of re-establishing that, that she was first in-: duced to think of trying your Vapour Baths. It is but justice here to acquaint you that she went to Brighton greatly preju-diced, and had fully determined not to allow the knee to be rubbed or touched in any way. In pursuance of this resolution, she took the Baths without the additional application of Shampooing, for the first week, and found her health very materially affected by them; indeed at first she was very ill, and apparently completely overcome; her knee also seemed much worse, with a return of the old symptoms of disease, heat, swelling, and pain: she however determined to perse-vere, and at the week's end finding her general health improv-ing, prejudice began to give way, and she allowed her knee to be treated according to your directions, strictly following your advice in every respect: so rapid was her improvement from this time, that she could well have put her crutches aside after the eighth bath, though fear made her continue them four days longer, when she was able to walk firm and steadily without support of any kind, and step in and out of a carriage, though before obliged to be lifted as a little child.

She continued the Baths after that regularly for nearly four weeks, and took in all forty, being anxious to ensure a perfect cure, from the use of which her general health derived equal benefit with the limb.

It is now five months since she left Brighton, during which time she has enjoyed an excellent state of health, though not naturally of a robust constitution, and has never experienced any inconvenience from her knee, and is now able to stand, walk, and kneel as well as ever, without either pain or stiffness. My sister particularly begs me to mention for the good of others, that in her opinion not any judgment ought to be formed of the effect of the Baths under six or eight successive trials in any bad case, nor can a cure be ever expected without patience and much perseverance, often in spite of discouraging appearances.

I have now only to add our united wishes for your success, and an assurance that we shall at all times feel happy in making the beneficial effects of your Vapour Baths more generally known.

I am, Sir, yours, etc.

Marian Le Mesurier.

The following names may be added, in further testimony of relief afforded by Shampooing, in cases of Sprains: - Bishop, Mr. James. Bloomfield, Right Hon. Sir B., cured of sprained knee and thigh, with lumbago. Egremont, Right Hon. Earl of, cured of sprained wrist. Hill, Mr., cured of violent ditto. Tilt, Mr., 39, Paternoster Row.