The following names are submitted to the Public, in further testimony of approval of the Baths under my direction. They are principally the names of Subscribers since the year 1920, most of whom have experienced the benefits of the Vapour Baths and Shampooing, either medicinally, as a restorative from fatigue, or, perhaps, more generally speaking, as a luxury, taken in lieu of the common Water Bath. The list comprises, however, but a very small portion of the names which are actually to be found in my Subscription book, and which I have omitted to transcribe in this place, from a wish not to swell out the book to an unnecessary length.

Arran, Earl of.

Alvanley, Lord.

Ashbrook, Viscountess

Antrobus, Sir E.

Afflesh, Gen. Sir James.

Affiesh, Lady,

Amon, Col.

Armstrong, Col.

Abbott, Mr. 3, Leicester-place, London.

Abbott, Mrs. 3, Leicester-square, London

Abbott, Mr. Llandberre Hall, Denbigh.

Abbott, Mr. P. H.

Abbott, Mr. James, Hanwell, Essex.

Abingdon, Mr. John

Abingdon, Mr.

Abraham, Mr. I. Isle of Wight.

Ackermann, Mr.

Ackington, Mrs. 6, East-cliff,

Adair, Mr. Minories, London.

Adam, Mr. A. London.

Adams, Miss 15, Regency-square.

Adams, Mr. S. Ware.

Adams, Mr. R.

Ading, Mr. Plaistow, Essex.

Ailes, Mr. T.

Aley, Mrs. 4, German-place.

Alcock, Mr. 21, New Steine.

Allen, Mr. London.

Allen, Mrs. Marine-parade.

Allen, Mr. J. W. Pulteney-street, Bath.

Allever, Mr. Shoreham.

Allister, Mrs. 46, East-cliff.

Anderson, Mr. W.

Anderson, Mr.

Anandon, Mrs. John, 73, King's-road.

Anwyl, Mr. Ellis, Five-field Chase.

Antwesdel, Mr. J.

Apsland, Mrs.

Appold, Mrs. 22, East-cliff.

Armstrong, Mr, C. Croydon.

Arthur, Mr. London.

Archer, Mr. John, Saffron Walden, Essex.

Ashburner, Mr. Birmingham.

Ashly, Mr. J. Adelphi-terrace.

Ashness, Mr. London,

Ashby, Mr.

Ashby, Mrs. T.

Atkinson, Mr. J.

Atkinson, Mr. Hampstead, Middlesex.

Atkinson, Mr. I. Northampton.

Aveling, Mr. Brewery, Spitalfields.

Austin, Mr. W.

Austin, Rev. I. Oakham, Surrey.

Avarne, Mr. London.

Ayton, Mr. I. Eccles Hall, Norfolk. Aytoun, Mr. James.

Bayning, Lord, 9, Bedford-square.

Blachford, Lady Isabella.

Berkeley, Lady, Emily.

Beresford, Lord.

Beresford, Sir John.

Beresford, Sir M.

Beresford, Miss.

Beauchamp, Earl of.

Bolingbroke, Lord.

Byland, Countess, 44, Church-street.

Byland, Count Col. Blackheath, Kent.

Berconby, Hon. Mrs.

Bentinck, Lord Charles.

Backhouse, Major Gen.

Bateman, Major-Gen.

Blunt, Major-Gen.

Brown, Lieut. Col.

Burgoyne, Sir John.

Burgoyne, Mr. Montague.

Burgoyne, Mr. Fred.

Burney, Rev. Dr.

Black man, Dr.

Brett, Rev. George, Ranelagh, London.

Betts, Rev. Mr. T. D. Wortham.

Burford, Rev. Mr. 4, West-cliff.

Baker, Capt. R. N.

Barclay, Capt.

Bankes, Hon. Mrs.

Barnard, Sir A. F.

Barnard, Lady.

Bowater, Adm. Princes-street, Pavilion-parade.

Branford, Capt. R. N.

Bellasis, Mrs. Col.

Ball, Miss, 41, Marlboro'-place.

Babington, Mrs.

Bailey, Miss

Bailey, Mr. 5, Phoenix-street, Somers-town,

Bailey, Mr. London.

Baillie, Mr. J. Western-house.

Baird, Miss, Piccadilly.

Baker, Mr. Thomas, Hemsted, Herts.

Baldwin, Mr. J. Cannon-street, London.

Banbury, Mrs. Russell-house.

Bannister, Mrs. C.

Bannister, Mr. G.

Banner, Mr. F. G. 36, Marine-parade.

Bannandan, Mr. York-hotel.

Barclay, Miss, 7, East-cliff.

Barclay, Mr. R. Regency-square.

Bardeline, Mr. S. Bucks.

Barlow, Mr. R. P. London.

Barnard, Mr. W. Euston-square, London.

Barnard, Mrs.

Barnard, Lieut. Geo. R.N. Bellevue Cottage.

Barnes, Mrs.

Barnet, Mrs.

Barrett, Miss.

Barry, Mrs.

Barry, Mr.

Barry, Mr. E. West-square.

Barry, Mr. T. Newington-causeway.

Barton, Mr. Croydon.

Barham, Mr.

Barker, Mr. S. Gates's Boarding-house.

Bates, Dr.

Baxter, Mr. W. Bellevue-lodge, Reigate.

Baxter, Mr. London.

Bayham, Mr. 7, Upper Grenville-place.

Baylis, Mr. W.

Bayford, Mr.

Beard, Mr.

Beaufort, Mr.

Beaumont, Mrs. R. 6, King's-road.

Beckett, Mr.

Beech, Mr. Chelsea.

Belcher, Mrs. 24, Steine.

Bell, Mrs.

Bell, Miss

Belstead, Mr.

Bennet, Mr. J. S.

Benton, Mr. Change-alley, London.

Benton, Mr. G.

Bensusan, Mr. A. L. Great Prescott-street.

Benyon, Mr.

Berkeley, Mrs.

Bernard, Miss

Bernard, Mr. London.

Berger, Mrs; S.

Bernett, Mr. G. B.

Best, Mr.

Bethell, Mr.

Bethell, Mrs. 20, Marine-parade.

Beulle, Mr.

Bicknell, Mr. Rob.

Biddle, Mr. A.E. High Wycomb, Berks.

Biddulph, Miss, Crescent-lodge.

Biggers, Mr. R.

Biggs, Mr. Matt. Newtimber.

Billing, Mr. R. Reading, Berks.

Bine, Mr.

Bingley, Mr. B. London.

Bishop, Mrs. 41, Old-steine.

Bishop, Mr. Jas.

Bishop, Major H.

Black, Miss, Grand-parade.

Blake, Mr. Jermyn-street, St. James's, London,

Blacket, Mr. 51, Kings-road.

Blacket, Mrs.

Blann, Mr.

Blayds, Mr.

Bland, Mr. 62, Grand-parade.

Blackstock, Mr.

Blackwell, Miss E.

Blackenhagen, Miss E.

Blew, Mr. Worcester.

Blew, Mr. jun. ditto.

Blew, Mr. E.

Blew, Mr. R. jun:

Blencowe, Mr. 23, Steine.

Boehm, Mr.

Bodfield, Mr.

Bodfield, Mrs.

Bolougne, Miss.

Bonhar, Mr. J. H.

Boniface, Miss, Drayton, Sussex.

Boniface, Mr. Drayton, Sussex.

Bonnett, Mr. T.

Boon, Miss, King's-road.

Booth, Mr. F. Russell-square.

Booth, Mr. P. York-hotel.

Booth, Mr. Felix, ditto.

Booth, Mr. Coventry.

Bolton, Mr. Great Queen-street, Lincoln's-Inn-fields, London.

Bone, Mr. R. Ockham.

Bond, Mr. J. Ipswich.

Bonner, Miss, Guildford.

Bonar, Mrs. 49, Regency-square.

Borel, Mons. de Fauche, 33, Haymarket, London.

Bornce, Mrs. 9, Gardner-street.

Borough, Miss.

Borry, Mrs.

Boswell, Mr. London.

Bott, Mr. Nantwich.

Botting, Mr. G. Lewes.

Bovell, Mr. J. R.

Bowden, Mr. Queen's Royals.

Bowden, Mr. London.

Bowderry, Mrs.

Bowdoin, Mr. T.

Bowles, Miss.

Bowles, Mr. J. Middleton-house, Enfield.

Boulnois, Mr. Tower, London.

Boys, Mr. John.

Boys, Mr. Josh.

Bourn, Mr. J.

Brasier, Mr. Westfield Lodge.

Bravo, Mr. A.

Bradburne, Mr. Marine-mansion:

Bradley, Mrs. R. 42, King's-road.

Brandram, Mr. W.

Branton, Miss, 47, King's-road.

Bredel, A. 19, Wormwood-street, or Lloyd's.

Brent, Mr. York-hotel.

Bridges, Mr.

Briggs, Miss.

Brichton, Mr. G. Hornsey.

Brinton, Mr. J. Portsmouth.

Bridge, Mr. Thos. Buttebury, Essex.

Bridges, Mr. 20, Steine.

Brinchley, Mr. J. Gravesend, Kent.

Bridell, Mr. Devonshire-place.

Broadbent, Miss.

Broadwood, Mr. H.

Erooks, Mr. G. Lisson-grove.

Brooksbank, Mr. Lower Grosvenor-street.

Bromhead, Mr. Lincoln.

Brown, Miss, Laugh ton, Sussex.

Brown, Mr. Carter, United States of America,

Browne, Mr. T. Simmon's-Inn, London,

Browne, Miss, 30, West-cliff.

Browne, Mrs, 52, Steine.

Browne, Mr. ditto.

Brunton, Mr. John.

Buck, Miss.

Buck, Mrs. 40, King's-road.

Buckingham, Mr. J. S. Marine-hotel.

Buck, Mr. Birmingham.

Bulbeck, Mr. John, Havant.

Bull, Mr.

Buller, Mr. J.

Bullivant, Mrs.

Bullivant, Mr.

Bullock, Mr.

Bunt, Mrs, Guildford.

Burford, Rev. Mr., 4, West-cliff.

Burke, Mr. London.

Burncan, Mrs. Old Steine.

Burnett, Mr. J.

Burnett, Mr. J. F., Bedford-hill, Tooting.

Burnett, Mr. H., London.

Burr, Mr. Robert, Chatham.

Burrell, Miss, East-lodge.

Burry, Mr. H.

Burry, Mr. German-place.

Burrell, Mr. W. Watford, Herts.

Burrough, Miss G. West-cliff-house.

Burroughs, Miss.

Burls, Mr. East-cliff.

Burras, Mr. James, London.

Burrows, Mr. S. Hackney.

Butchell, Mr.E. Van, 24, Broad-street, Golden-square, London.

Bntcher, Mrs.

Butler, Mr. J. Cheam, Surry.

Butterworth, Mr. John, Long-lane, Southwark.

Byrne, Miss, 29, New Steine.

Bye, Mr, London.

Buzzard, Mr. Thomas, Jewry-street, Aldgate.

Chichester, Countess of,

Chichester, Earl of,

Conyngham, Marquis of,

Conyngham, Lady M.,

Conyngham, Lady E.,

Conyngham, Lord F.,

Clanwilliam, Lord.

Cockburn, Lady,

Codrington, Lady.

Constable, Lady, 33, Regency-square..

Constable, Miss, Isabella.

Calthorpe, Lady.

Cole, Lady Elizabeth.

Cornwallis, Marchioness of,

Cornwallis, Lady Mary.

Cornwallis, Lady Louisa.

Cornwallis, Lady I.

Copley, Sir J.

Copley, Lady, 12, Regency-square.

Compton, Sir John.

Carpenter, Hon. Mrs.

Carpenter, Major.

Coffin, Admiral Sir I.

Cholmondeley, Mr. F.

Colpoys, Griffith, Vice-admiral.

Cullum, Sir Thomas, Bart.

Craufurd, Major, Royal Lancers.

Calvert, Capt., Grenadier-guards.

Cadogan, Capt. 34, Regency-square.

Capel, Gen. Marine-hotel.

Cuppas, Major Gen.

Coghlan, Gen.

Cooke, Col.

Chatfield, Capt. A. S.

Clifford, Capt.

Clayton, Rev. Mr. John.

Capper, Rev. Mr. James.

Chester, Rev. Mr. Rob.

Campbell, Rev. Mr. H., Minchinhampton.

Chapman, Rev. W. H,

Chappell, Lieut. R. N.

Calvert, Mr. E.

Campbell, Mr.

Campbell, Mr.

Campbell, Mr. G.

Campernowne, Mr. Cricklade, Wilts.

Canning, Miss.

Capper, Mrs.

Carnday, Mr. J. W: Carter, Mr. J. C., Norwich.

Carter, Mrs.

Carter, Capt. R. W.

Cater, Mr.

Catlin, Mr. N. Saffron Walden.

Cattley, Miss.

Cartwright, Mr.

Canty, Mr.

Cazenove, Mr. Crouch-end, Hornsey.

Chalk, Mr.

Chalkley, Mr. R.

Chambre, Miss, New-steine hotel.

Chapman, Mr. E. Castle-square.

Chapman, Mr. Robt. 34, Marine-parade.

Charlesworth, Mr.S. 21, Devonshire-place, London.

Charlton, Mr. L.

Charman, Mr. F.

Charrote, Mr. St. Paul's Church-yard.

Chatfield, Mrs., London.

Chatham, Mr. R. Holborn, London.

Chesshyre, Miss.

Cherrill, Mr. E. London.

Cherrill, Miss, 44, Marine-parade.

Child, S. P. Hackney.

Child, Mr. Huntingdon.

Child, Mr. C. Horsham.

Chipperfield, Mr. E. T.

Chitty, Mr. Lewes.

Christian, Mrs. Henry, 29, Newman-street.

Christie, Mr.

Clapton, Mrs.

Clapton, Mr. Kennington-common.

Clark, Mr. London.

Clark, Miss, Paragon House, Brighton.

Clark, Mr. John.

Cleaver, Mr. J. Kennington-common.

Clementson, Mrs. 9, Western-place.

Clissold, Mr. Gloucester

Cobb, Mr.

Cockburn, Mr. Best's Boarding:house.

Cocksedge, Mr. Bury St. Edmund's.

Cohen, Mrs. 13, Bedford-square.

Cohen, Mr. H. A. Brixton, Surry.

Cohen, Mr. J. H. 23, St. James's-street.

Colbatch, Mr. E. 159, Minories.

Collins, Mrs. Laytonstone, Essex.

Collins, Mr. Sunbury.

Collings, Mr.

Colquhoun, Mr. 13, Broad-street.

Colebroke, Miss, 10, Bedford-square.

Collman, Mr. L.

Colvill, Mr.

Comber, Mr. W.

Connor, Mr. N.

Conry, Mrs. 16, Regency-square.

Cookburn, Mr. Ship-street.

Cook, Mr. G. S.

Cooper, Mr. B. Royal Exchange Assurance, London.

Cooper, Mr. F. 10, Cannon-place.

Cooper, Mr. B. Chancery-lane, London.

Cooper, Mr. F. Windsor.

Copland, Mr. Chas.

Copeland, Mrs.

Coppinger, Mr. Devonshire-square, London.

Courtoy, Mrs. 26, Lower-rock-gardens.

Cowley, Miss.

Cowley, Mr.

Cowley, Mr. S. N.

Cox, Mrs. 13, West Cliff.

Cox, Mr. J. P.

Cox, Mr. Francis, West-street, Brompton.

Cox, Mr. J. P. Inner Temple, London.

Cox, Mr. Chichester.

Cox, Mr. John.

Cripps, John.

Critchett, Mr. R.

Crocraft, Mr. Montague-square, London.

Cronfood, Mrs. C. 98, West-cliff.

Crosby, Mrs. and family.

Crosman, Mr. J.

Crowder, Mr.

Crowley, Mr. A.

Crump, Mrs. 2, Marine-parade.

Cubitt, Mr. W.

Cuff, Miss.

Cule, Mrs. 27, Broad-street.

Cullen, Miss, 6, Bedford-square.

Cumine, Mr. J. King-street, Borough, London.

Curie, Mr. W. Pimlico.

Currie, Mr. Francis Gore, East Horsley Park, Surry.

Currie, Mr. Raikes, 33, Wimpole-street, London. Cutbrush, Mr. Robert, Maidstone. Cymber, Mr. H. London. Curtis, D. Cowley, Middlesex. Curzon, Mr.

Devonshire, his Grace the Duke of.

Douglas, Marquis of.

Dewes, Lord.

Dallas, Sir Geo.

Dallas, Capt.

Dawkins, Capt.

Denby, Col. W. Percy-street, London.

Denny, Lady.

Dolben, Sir English, Northampton.

Dormer, Lady Ann.

Doyle, General, Sir Charles.

Duncan, Mr. J. Trinity College, Cambridge.

Dyke, Sir Thos. Lullingtone-castle, Kent.

Dawson, Lady Louisa.

Douglas, Admiral, J.E.

Dacre, Lieut.-Col.

Danvers, Mr. B.

Dangerfield, Mr.

Dangerfield, Mrs.

Dangerfield, Mr. T.

Dalton, Mr.

Davidson, Mr. Chas.

Davie, Mr. Peckham.

Davis, Mr. John, Machyntteth, Montgomeryshire.

Davy, Mr. Bedford-square.

Dawes, Mr. Rye, Sussex.

Day, George, London.

Day, Mrs. Thos. Maidstone.

Deane, Mr. West-cliff Lodge.

Davenport, Mr. Lime-street, London.

De Bath, Major.

Dear, Mr. F. C.

Delesert, Mr. A. a native of Switzerland, living in Paris.

Denham, Mr. James.

Denman, Miss M.

Dering, Mr.

Detvityick, C. V. Mr. from Antwerp.

Despons, Mr. 41, King's-road.

Deval, Mr. R. Buckingham-street, Fiztroy-square.

Devereux, Mr. London.

De Beauvoir, Mr. Benyon, 75, Marine-parade.

De Wints, Gen. Count, 15, King's-road.

Davis, Mr. Corbet-court, London.

De Lisle, Stoke-Newington.

Devis, Mr. H. Stoke-Newington,

De Gullon, Mr. P. E.

Dickins, Mr. John.

Dickenson, Mr.

Dickens, Mr. Chas. Scrase.

Dingle, Mr. W.

Dickenson, Mr. T. P.

Dodfrey, Mr. John, Highgate,

Donat, Mr. J. A. 11, Pavilion-parade.

Dorset, Mrs. 75, West-street.

Doveton, Col.

Douglas, Mr. 18th Regiment.

Down, Mr. E. London.

Downess, Mrs.

Downing, Mrs. E.

Dowsland, Mr. W. 4?, Marine-parade.

Dowding, Mr. 61, Marine-parade.

Downs, Mr. J. Hertford.

Doyle, Mr. Camomile-street.

Driver, Mr. E. New Bridge-street.

Druruod, Mr.

Dredge, Mr.

Doyson, Mr.

Drewitt, Mr. G. Peppering, Arundel.

Drysdale, Mr. H.

Drummond, Mr. John, Croydon.

Dunnage, Mrs. 70, Marine-parade.

Du Croz, Mr. S. Brook-street, London

Dubois, Mr.

Duff, Mr.

Duke, Mr. John, Leominster.

Duke, H. Clapham, Surrey.

Duncan, Mr.

Duncan, Mr. 17th Lancers.

Dunn, Mrs.

Dunn, Mr. R. Threadneedle-street, London.

Dundas, Dr.

Duncomb, Mrs.

Dyson, Miss, 29, East-cliff.

Dyster, Mr. Leadenhall-street, London.

Dysart, Mr.

Essex, Countess of, 6, Pavilion-parade.

Elphinstone, Lord.

Edmonstone, Hon. Lady, 61, Marine-parade.

Exarque of Cyprus, Joannichios.

Exeter, Lord.

Eltosc, Sir Abraham.

Earner, Lieut. R. N.

Earner, Mr. 4, Bedford-square.

Eaton, Mrs. East-cliff.

Eden, Miss.

Edgar, Mr. Piccadilly.

Eddie, Mr. J. A.

Edwards, Captain.

Edwards, Mrs. Marine-parade,

Edwards, Mr. Thos. Newport, Essex.

Edwards, Mr. 42, Conduit-street, Hanover-square, London.

Edwards, Mr. T. Paragon, Southwark.

Edmonds, Mr.

Egerton, Hon. Mrs. 9, Broad-street.

Eggington, Mr. Bilbroke, Staffordshire.

Elcho, Dowager Lady, 36, Marine-parade.

Ellis, Mr. C, 78, King's-road.

Ellis, Mr. J. D. London.

Elliot, Mr. Stafford.

Elwyn, Rev. Mr. Sandwich, Kent.

Elteen, Mr. Kensington.

Elley, Mr.

Emery, Mr. London.

Enfield, Mr. G.

Engleheart, Mr. H.

Entwistle, Mr.

Entwistle, Mr. Rushulme, Lancashire.

Espinasse, Col.

Etheridge, Mr.

Espinasse, Mr. R.

Evans, Miss.

Evans, Mr. N. B.

Evans, Mr. J. London.

Evans, Mr. 43, Grand-parade.

Everard, Rev. E.

Exeter, Mrs. 30, King's-road.

Eyre, Mr. 111, New Bond-street, London.

Falmouth, Viscountess.

Ford, Lady.

Frankland, Sir Thomas, Thirkleley, Yorkshire.

Falconer, Lieut. R. N.

French, Lieut-Col.

French, Capt.

Fancourt, Rev. L.

Fairlie, Mr. Whoredon.

Farel, Mr. J. M. 10, Vine-street, London.

Fowke, Sir Frederick, Bart. Lowesby, Leicestershire.

Fayle, Mr. Clifton.

Fearon, Mr.

Feaves, Mr. L.

Fell, Mr. J. High-street, Borough.

Fennell, Mr. T.

Fenton, Miss.

Farquharson, Mrs. 78, Grand-parade,

Ferrers, Mr. T. B.

Ferron, Mrs.

Finch, Mrs. 26, East-cliff.

Finch, Mr.

Fisher, Mr.

Fisher, Mr. W. Highgate.

Fitzgerald, Dr. London.

Fitzgerald, Mr.

Fitzherbert, Mrs.

Fitzherbert, Mr. Blackdown, Sussex:

Fleming, Mr. London.

Fletcher, Mr. J. London.

Fletcher, Mr. R. Balsham, Cambridgeshire.

Fletcher, Rev. E.

Flint, Mr. Kingston, near Lewes.

Frampton, Mr. W.

Forbes, Mr.

Francis, Mr.

Francis, Rev. C.

Frankland, Mr. 77, Marine-parade,

Ford, Capt.

Ford, Mrs.

Foster, Mr.

Forster, Mr.

Forth, Mrs. 46, King's-road.

Forth, Miss.

Forth, Miss C.

Forth, Mr.

Forth, Mr. John, Luton.

Fowler, Rev. It. H.

Fox, Mr. 37, Marine-parade.

Francis, Mr.

Franks, Miss.

Frant, Miss, Gloucester-plaee.

Fraser, Mr. A. Bengal Medical Establishment.

Fraser, Capt. Woodcott-house, Oxon.

Freelove, Mr. W. Isleworth, Surry.

Freeman, Mrs.

Freeman, Mr. Thos. London.

Frinns, Mr. J. Dover.

Frisell, Mr. Paris.

Frith, Mrs. 35, Old Steine.

Frost, Miss.

Fry, Mr. London.

Fryer, Mr. T. Cambridge.

Fuller, Miss.

Fuller, Mr. J. 70, Grand-parade.

Fuller, Mr. Josh. Southover, Lewes.

Furlonger, Mr. London,

Fuseli, Mrs.

Gallwey, Lady H. Payne.

Gower, Lord F. Levison.

Garlies, Lord.

Grantly, Lord.

Grantly, Lady, Kier.

Grant, Sir William.

Gore, Lady, West-cliff House.

Gordon, Lady Jane.

Gordon, Hon. Mrs. Hallyburton.

Gordon, Sir W. Duff, Bart. 38, Lower Brook-street.

Gordon, Sir Jenison, Bart. 1, Bedford-street.

Gordon, Dr.

Gaillord, Miss.

Gairkes, Dr.

Gale, Mr.

Gale, Mr. J. Surgeon, Newington.

Gale, Mr. Surgeon, Alfred-place.

Gallup, Mr.

Garcia, Mr. A. R, Camden-place.

Garraway, Mr. Chelsea.

Garrett, Mr. Tower-street, London.

Gatty, Mr. Charter House.

Gatty, Mrs. 80, Grand-parade.

Gaullaret, Mr. Chas. Bryanston-square.

Gaviller, Mr.

Gawther, Mr.

George, Mrs.

George, Mr. Enfield.

George, Mr. J. 73, Holborn-bridge.

Gerring, Mr. W. Swindon, Wilts.

Gerring, Mr. C. Northfield, Farringdon, Berks.

Ghrimes, Mr. W. Ludgate, London.

Gibbon, Mrs. W.

Gibbons, Mrs. E. 13, North-street.

Gibson, Mr. J. R.

Gibson, Mr.

Gibson, Mr. R. G.

Gilbert, Mr. Long-acre, London.

Giles, Mr.

Gill, Mr.

Gill, Miss Augusta.

Gilbertson, Miss, 52, Judd-street, London.

Gillespie, Mr. America-square.

Gillibrand, Mr.

Ginger, Mrs. College-street.

Gillum., Dr.

Glenny, Miss. S. Barking, Essex.

Glover, Mr.

Godley, Mr. Geo. London.

Goddard, Mr. Seymour-street, London.

Goodall, Mr. 31, King's-road.

Godwin, Mr. J. H.

Godfrey, Rev. Mr. W.

Gooch, Mr.

Good, Mr. J. C.

Gordon, Mr. F.

Gore, Mr. R. H.

Gorringe, Mr. W. P.

Gowri, Sir F.L.

Graham, Capt.

Grant, Capt.

Grey, Lieut.-Col,

Green, Capt. R.N,

Gotobed, Mr.

Gould, Miss.

Gould, Mr. W.

Grant, Mr.

Grant, Mrs. W. B.

Grant, Mr. James.

Gray, Mr. W. Fleet-street, London.

Gray, Mr. R. Somerset-place, ditto.

Gray, Mr. R. A. Peckham-rye, Surry.

Graves, Mr. 28, Bedford-square.

Greenwood, Miss.

Gregg, Miss.

Gregory, Mr. T.

Green, Mr. Bedford.

Green, Mr. Gravely, Herts.

Gresson, Mr. 27, Steine.

Grevile, Mr. Algernon.

Greasly, Mr. T. T. Solicitor, Nottingham.

Greaves, Mr. 72, Marine-parade.

Griffin, Mr. W.

Griffith, Mrs. D. 56, Regency-square.

Griffith, Miss, Arundel.

Grimness, Mr. B. 10, Cannon-place.

Grinfield, Mr. West Drayton, Middlesex.

Grosvenor, Mr.

Gosseer, Mr. W. German-place.

Grilish, M. from St. Petersburgh.

Gower, Mr. W. 31, King's-road.

Guedalla, Mrs.

Gurney, Mr.

Gurney, Miss.

Gullyes, Mr. C. Stantones- wareff.

Harvey, Lady Sophia.

Hamilton, Duchess of.

Hamilton, Lord A.

Howard, Lord, of Effingham.

Harper, Lady.

Hartwell, Sir F. J.

Harley, the Ladies.

Hislop, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Thomas.

Hislop, Lady.

Hastings, Gen. Sir Charles.

Hepburn, Major-General.

Hesketh, Sir Thomas, Bart. Rufford-hall, Lancashire.

Hesketh, Mr.

Hughes, Lieut.-Col. James.

Hilton, Captain, King's-road.

Hamilton, Capt. A. P. Royal Navy, Marine-hotel.

Hodgson, Capt.

Howes, Capt. S. Marine-house.

Hooker, Rev. Dr.

Hunter, Dr.

Henderson, Mr. B. C. Surgeon.

Hewgill, Rev. Mr. F. 41, Steine.

Hodges, Rev. H. 10, East-cliff.

Hall, Rev. Thomas J. Waldon, Essex.

Howell, Rev. Mr.

Hack, Mr. W. Ware, Herts.

Hagger, Mr.

Hague, Miss, Tottenham.

Hall, Mrs. King's-road.

Hall, Mr. Leyton, Essex.

Halls, Mr. David, Bottleys, Surry,

Halman, Lieut. James, R.N.

Hallam, Mr. 4, King's-road.

Hamer, Mrs. Chester-place, Kennington.

Hamlet, Miss, Bloomsbury-place.

Hammond, Mr. I. Marine-hotel.

Hammond, Mr. Henry.

Hammond, Mr. Thomas, 3, Grafton-street.

Hamilton, Mr. Bedford-square.

Hammett, Mr. 9, Regency-square.

Hammersley, Mr. G. Devonshire-place.

Hamwell, Mrs. and Miss.

Hancock, Mr. and Miss E.

Hankey, Mr. James, 84, King's-road.

Hankey, Mr. A. Fenchurch-street, London.

Hand, Mr. T. Gower-street, London.

Hanwood, Mrs.

Hardcastle, Miss E.

Hardman, Mr. J. London.

Hardyman, Mrs. 27, Bedford-square.

Hardinge, Mrs. and Miss C. 57, Regency-square.

Harling, Mr. H. 3, Brewer-street, Bloomsbury.

Hargraves, Mr. Tunbridge Wells.

Harman, Mrs. Princes-street.

Harpur, Mr. Oxford.

Harris, Mr. W. London.

Harris, Mr. Brompton-crescent.

Harrison, Mrs. E.

Harrison, Mrs. 3, George-street, Manchester-square, London.

Harrison, Mr. Inner Temple.

Harrison, Mr. Lewis, 13, German-place.

Harrison, Mr. Edward, 9, Berkeley-street.

Harrison, Mr. John J. St. James's-street, London.

Harryet, Mr.

Hart, Mr. Norfolk-house.

Hart, Mr. W. Nelson-terrace, Stoke Newington.

Hart, Mr. Mecklenhurgh-square, London.

Hartwell, Miss.

Hartwell, Mr. James, Uxbridge.

Hastings, Mr. F.

Haughton, Mrs. Dulwich.

Haughton, Mr.

Haultain, Mr. 28, Bedford-square.

Hawes, Mr. F.

Hawkins, Mr.

Hawkins, Mr. G.

Hawkins, Mr. Griffin, York-place, Clapton.

Haworth, Mr. J. Ivory-place.

Haycroft, Mr. J. S.

Haynes, Mr.

Heapley, Mr. Stock Exchange, London.

Heatley, Mr. 12, New-steine.

Heathcote, Mr. Tottenham.

Heathcote, Mrs. Tottenham.

Heaven, Mrs.

Hector, Mr. T. Westminster.

Helps, Mr. London.

Henniques, Mr. A. Q. London.

Hervey, Mrs. Edward.

Herbert, Mrs. 56, King's-road.

Hetherington, Mrs.

Hewetson, Mr. Croydon.

Heynes, Mrs.

Hibbert, Mr. Charles, Grove-house, Tottenham.

Hick, Mr. C. W. Cheapside, London.

Higgin, Mr. 18, German-place.

Higgin, Mrs. 18, German-place.

Higgs, Mr. John, Reading.

Hills, Mr. Crescent-street.

Hills, Mr. J. Ely, Isle of Ely.

Hill, Mr. 6, Bray's-buildings, Islington.

Hillersdon, Mr. Barnes, Surrey.

Hilton, Mr. Lime-street, London.

Hinde, Miss.

Hitchwell, Mr.

Hockley, Mr. 42, King's-road,

Hodgson, Mr. Dean's-yard, Westminster.

Hodgson, Mr. W.

Hodgton, Mr.

Hogard, Mrs,

Hole, Mr. Leicester.

Holdsworth, Mr. F. H. 3, Lincoln's-Inn.

Hollis, Mr. Geo.

Holland, Mr.

Holland, Mr. St. James's-street.

Holland, Mr. F.A.S. 7, Essex-street, London.

Holland, Mrs. 45, Grand-parade.

Holroyd, Mr. Barkham, Sussex,

Holt, Mr. G. P.

Homfray, Mr. Jeston.

Homewood, Mr.

Honpaye, Mr. 7, Conduit-street, Hanover-square, London.

Hope, Mr. W. Rathbone-place, London.

Hood, Mr.

Horne, Mr. 58, Regency-square.

Hornby, Mr. Steine-hotel.

Hordern, Mr. Sardon, Staffordshire.

Houghton, Miss.

Houre, Mrs.

Houssemayne Du Boulay, Mrs. Hornsey.

Howell, Mr. London.

Hubball, Mrs. Thomas, Turnham-green.

Huges, Mrs.

Hall, Mr. Uxbridge. Hullah, Mr. A. Holborn. Humphrey, Mr. E. Chichester. Hurst, Mrs. 9, Broad-street. Hurry, Mr. Edward, London. Hutchinson, Mr. London. Hymer, Mr. 4, Crescent. Hindham, Mr. C. Brompton.

Irving, Major, 32, Steine.

Impey, Edward.

Impey, Mr. E. Newick:

Ind, Mr. Cambridge.

Inge, Mr. Thorpe, Staffordshire.

Innell, Mr. J. D. Long-acre, London.

Innes, Mr. John, London.

Insoll, Mr. Lewes.

Ingram, Mr.

Inwood, Mrs. Euston-square, London.

Irvine, Mr.

Jackson, Lady.

Jackson, Rev. Mr.

Jackson, Mr. R.

Jacks, Mr. Western-place.

Jacques, Mr. John, East-cliff.

James, Mr. Westminster.

James, Mr. R. Leyton, Essex.

Jameson, Miss, Haymarket, London.

Jaques, Mr. G. London.

Jaques, Mr. J. S. Homerton.

Jaques, Mr. Tottenham, Middlesex.

Jaques, Mrs. Tottenham, Middlesex.

Jarvis, Mr. R. Longacre, London.

Jarvis, Miss, Haddenham, near Thame, Oxfordshire.

Jeffrys, Miss.

Jen, Mr. Thomas, London.

Jenkins, Mr.

Jenkins, Mr. Navy-office, London.

Jennings, Mr. W. D. Great Knight Rider-street, London.

Jennis, Mr. John, Maresfield.

Jervoise, Mr.

Jerlin, Mr. John Inglis.

Jerdein, Mr. M. London.

Johnson, Mr. W. 43, Aldermanbury, London.

Johnstone, Mr. R. New-street-square, London.

Johnstone, Mr. Norfolk-street, London.

Jolly, Mr.

Jones, Mr. C. London.

Jones, Mr. J. Staines.

Jones, Mr. W. R.

Jones, Miss, 26, Bedford-square.

Jones, Mrs. Regency-square.

Jones, Mrs. Leytonstone, Essex.

Jones, Mrs. Milbank, Westminster.

Jones, Mr. W. Croydon.

Joy, Mr. Cheam.

Joy, Mr. Best's Boarding-house.

Jowett, Mr.

Judkins, 30, King's-road.

Jupp, Miss, Goring, Sussex.

Knightley, Lady.

Kennedy, Hon. Mrs. 27, Marine-parade.

Knox, Hon. Capt. R.N.

Kater, Capt.

Knyvett, Rev. C. W. Dean-yard, Westminster.

Kelly, Rev. A. P.

Kenny, Dr.

Kaye, Mr. Wandsworth-common, Surry.

Kelly, Mr. Cambridge.

Kelly, Mr. J. D. Cheltenham.

Kell, Mr. N. P. Battel.

Keates, Mr. J. 30, King's-road.

Kersey, Mr.

Keeling, Mr. H. 15, Marine-street.

Keen, Mr. Croydon.

Kennedy, Mr. T. from Switzerland.

Kennedy, Mr. Snaresborough, Essex.

Kemp, Mr. W.

Kemp, Mr.

Kemp, Mrs.

Kettle, Mr.

Keyser, Mr. R.A. Finsbury-square.

Killespie, Mr. Temple, London.

King, Mr. East-Blachington.

King, Mr. W.

King, Mr. Josh.

King, Mr. Stamford-hill.

Kimber, Mr. J. J.

Kirley, Mr. G. Appletree, Northamptonshire.

Kimpton, Mr. Ware.

Knight, Mr. Chelmsford.

Kneller, Mr. 69, Marine-parade.

Knatchbull, Mr. Thomas, 10, Broad-street.

Knox, J. H.

Kramer, Mr. C.

Leeds, Duchess of.

Lake, Hon. Mrs. York-hotel.

Lansdowne, Lord.

Lismore, Dean of.

Le Mesurier, Col.

Le Mesurier, Capt.

Le Mesurier, Lieut. R.N.

Le Mesurier, Miss L.

Le Blanc, Miss, E.

Lawson, Sir W.

Loundes, Dr.

Leryiantion, Captain, Coldstream Guards,

Laay, Mr. High-Wycombe, Bucks.

Lackington, Mr. 24, New-Steine.

Lacy, Mr. S. East-lane, Bermondsey.

Lacy, Mr. J. H. London.

Laire, Mr. G.

Lamport, Mr. Oxfordshire.

Lambe, Mrs. 22, Marine-parade.

Lamb, Mr. Augustus, Melbourne-lodge, Marine-parade,

Lambeth, Mr. J. Whittle, Essex.

Lancaster, Mr. S. J. Norwood.

Lane, Miss.

Lane, Mr. J. T.

Lang, Mr. 16, King's-road.

Langford, Miss.

Langford, Mr. R.

Lapidge, Mr. E.

Lapp, Mr. Cork, Ireland.

Larock, Mr. J.

Lascelles, Iremonger, Mrs. and Miss.

Latham, Mr. S. 15, Cannon-place.

Latimer, Mr. Greville-street, Brunswick-square, London.

Lavic, Mrs.

Lawrence, Mr.

Layton, Mrs.

Leake, M. H. M.P. Dorset-street, Portland-place.

Leader, Master M. 79, Wells-street, Oxford-street, London.

Leaf, M. W. Peckham-rye Green, Surry.

Lechmares, Miss.

Ledger, Mr. John.

Lee, Miss.

Lee, Mr. Weymouth-street, Portland-place.

Leete, Mr. East-cliff.

Lemme, Mons. from Frankfort.

Letts, Mr. Thomas, Clapham, Surry.

Lierlies, Mr.

Leslie, Mr. New-steine-hotel.

Les Voeux, Mr.

Lewin, Mr. 100, King's-road.

Levesque, Mr.

Liburne, Mr. 60, Marine-parade.

Lightfoot, Mr. Old Burlington-street, London.

Light, Mr. Doctor's Commons.

Lindsay, Mr. G.

Lindsay, Mr. Queen-street, London.

Lingham, Mr. Shooter's-hill, Kent.

Lingham, Miss, Iff. King's-road.

Linch, Mr. D. A. 46, Steine.

Lindo, Mr.

Littledale, Mr. Best's Boarding-house.

Lloyd, Mr. J. Leatherhead, Surry.

Lloyd, Mr.

Lloyd, Mr. R. Teddington.

Lloyd, Mr. Henry, 11, Pavilion-parade.

Lloyd, Mr. J. jun. Nelson-square, London.

Lochier, Miss, 51, King's-road.

Loder, Mr.

Long, Mr. W. Steine-hotel.

Loncy, Mr.

Loudon, Mr.

Lonsdale, Mr. J. B.

Low, Mr. Surgeon, Kent-road.

Lovett, Mr. Club-house, Brighton.

Lovell, Rev. Mr.

Loveless, Mr. 18, Grenville-place.

Loughton, Mr. Fareham, Hants.

Luck, Mr. J: Battel.

Lucas, Mr. Warwick-street, London.

Lucas, Mr. Mathew P. of Lee.

Loundes, Mr. 3, Cannon-place.

Lutyens, Mr. A. L. Brixburne, Herts.

Luttaby, Mr.

Lycett, Mr. Birmingham.

Lycott, Mr. Birmingham.

Lyde, Mr.

Lysons, Rev. Mr.

Lyon, Mr. James, Brixton.

Lyon, Mr. 4, Princes-street.

Mexborough, Countess of.

Maitland, Mrs. Admiral.

Monson, Lord.

Mountcharles, Lord.

Middleton,Lord, Nottinghamshire.

Middleton, Lady, Nottinghamshire.

Malcolm, Lady.

Malcolm, Capt. R.N.

Malcolm, Sir Pulteney.

Macdonald, Hon. A.

Munro, Major-General, Grand-parade.

Macdonald, esq. M.P.

Mercer, Lieut-Col.

Macpherson, Lieutenant-Colonel, Marine-hotel.

Meyrick, Lieutenant-Colonel.

Martin, Major, Best's Boarding-house.

Moody, Major, R.E.

Macpherson, Mr. Surgeon to H.R.H. the Duke of York.

Macpherson, Capt.

Maples, Captain, R.N.

Maxwell, Rev. W. G.

Mitchell, Rev. E. D. 101, Borough.

Melville, Rev. R. Leslie.

Majendie, Rev. G. West-cliff-house.

Middleton, Rev. H.

Maltby, Dr. Buckden, Huntingdonshire.

Magnay, Alderman.

Magnay, M. W. College-hill, London.

Magnay, Mr. C. J.

Magnay, Mr. J.

Magnay, Mr. W.

Macdonald, Mr. L.

Macdonald, Mr. A.

Macdonald, Mr. John.

Macdonnell, Mr.

Mackenzie, Mr. J.

Mackinlay, Mrs. 39, West-cliff.

Mactaggalt, Mr. Upper Berkeley-street, Portland-place,

London. Macle, Mr. John. Macculloch, Mr,

Macpherson, Mrs. 25, Marine-parade. Mc'Gaub, Mr. C. 14, Wimpole-street. Madocks, Mr. John, Denbigh, Mallard, Mr. Hampstead. Malonek, Mr. J. W. Liverpool. Manley, Mr. James, Paternoster-row, London. Mann, Mr. H. Prince's-street, Bank. Manning, Mrs. Manning, Mrs. F. Marcuard, Mrs. Marillier, Mr. J. W. Harrow. Marwick, Mr. T. Firle. Marlton, Miss. Marlton, Mr. King's-road. Marmaduke, Mr. Hurst.

Marryat, Mr. Joseph.

Marshall, Mr. L. London. Marshall, Mr. John, London. Marten, Miss. Martin, Miss.

Martin, Miss, Helvedon, Essex. Martin, Mr. Matthew, East-hoathly. Marsden, Mr. Richard, London.

Maseyk, Mr.

Mason, Mr. S. Wimbledon, Surry.

Mascall, Mr. E. J. Collector of His Majesty's Customs, London.

Mather, Mr. W. Dover.

Mathews, Mr. Thames-street, London.

Matyear, Mr. G.

Maude, Mr. S. D. Brunswick-street, Islington.

Maude, Mrs.

Mawhood, Mr. 10, East-cliff.

Maxey, Mr. Northampton.

Maxse, Mr.

Maynard, Mrs:

Maynard, Miss.

Mayhew, Mr. Joshua, 7, Great Marlborough-street.

Meacham, Mr. Critchel.

Melbold, Mr.

Melbourne, Miss P.

Melville, Mr. A. 24, Upper Harley-street, London.

Melmor, Miss.

Menzies, Mr. J. Edinburgh.

Menet, Mr. J. F. Lower Rock Gardens.

Mercer, Mr.

Merricks, Mr. Chichester.

Mesman, Mr.

Meyer, Mr. F.

Meyer, Mrs. Red Lion Square, London.

Meyrick, Mr.

Middleton, Mrs. Walton-upon-Thames.

Midlane, Mr. C. W. H. J.

Miley, Mr. 60, Church-street.

Miller, Mr. Bond-street.

Milner, Mr. Old Change, London.

Mitchell, Mr. W. Upper Harley-street, London.

Mitchell, Mr. J. Wimpole-street, London.

Mitchell, Mr. Forbes.

Mitchell, Mr. Peckham-rye, Surry.

Mitchell, Mr. Edward, Croydon.

Moate, Mr. Joseph;

Mocatta, Mrs.

Mocklin, Mr,

Moffat, Mr.

Moffatt, Mrs. 41, King's-road.

Money, Mrs. cured of a swelling in the chest.

Monk, Mr. Lewis.

Monkton, Mr. 20, Regency-square.

Montdew, Mrs.

Montague, Mr. Edward.

Montgomerie, Mr. 51, Baker-street, London.

Montgomerie, Mr. Molineux.

Moore, Mrs. Calvert.

Moore, Mr. 10, Cannon-place.

Moore, Mr. G. Carey-street, Lincoln's Inn.

Moon, Mr. J. 62, Green-street, Grosvenor-square, London.

Moreton, Mr. 52, Baker-street, London.

Mordgen, Mr. Thomas.

Morgan, Mr. Octavius, 52, Regency-square.

Morgan, Mr. W. Camberwell.

Morgan, Mrs. Grand-parade.

Morrice, Mr. London.

Morrice, Mr. South-street, London.

Morris, Miss.

Morris, Mr. V. Old Ship.

Morant, Mr. J. G. Old Ship,

Morse, Mr. 14, New-steine.

Morel, Miss.

Moses, Mr. J. Wandsworth-road.