Case XXIX. Case Of Paralysis

To S. D. Mahomed.

Sir, - I cannot in justice to you quit Brighton after five weeks residence, without expressing the high gratification of acknowledging the great benefit I have experienced under your directions. I have been affected for nearly three years past with a partial paralytic affection of the left knee, extending to the ankle and foot, which by the use of the Vapour Bath and Shampooing is very much relieved, and I entertain no doubt but that I shall ultimately totally recover the perfect use of my limb.

John Rose, Surgeon,

Eye, Suffolk.

Sept. 27, 1825.

Case XXX. Case Of Lameness. Case Of Miss Caroline Payne Gallway

About three years ago she was attacked with a pain in her right foot, the cause of which could not be accounted for; this pain continued increasing for twelve months, but only occasionally prevented her taking her usual exercise. On her return to England in the summer of 1823, it became so much worse that she was quite unable to walk without considerable pain, and her general health was affected. She went up to town, and remained there three weeks under the care of an eminent physician and surgeon; the latter afterwards prescribed for her on her return into the country, but without the least relief; the complaint continued increasing for eighteen months, during which time she consulted many other physicians and surgeons without the least benefit; for the last six months she was unable to walk or put her foot to the ground, and even latterly to bear the motion of a carriage without great pain, and confined to her sofa. In the month of August, 1825, she came to Brighton to try the effects of Mahomed's Vapour Baths; after the fourth Bath she was able to walk without her stick, and at the end of six weeks perfectly recovered the use of her foot, and enabled to take her exercise as before the attack, and to walk for two hours or more at a time, without pain or inconvenience.

Case XXXI. Case Of Lameness Of The Knee

Sir, - I should hold myself greatly deficient in gratitude towards you, were I to think of quitting Brighton without leaving my acknowledgment of the great benefit I have received from the use of your Vapour and Shampooing Bath; and as it may possibly be of some public service, I beg to state that in consequence of a blow which I received on the knee by being accidentally thrown out of a chaise about fourteen months ago, an accumulation (as I am professionally informed) of the synovia had taken place underneath the knee, forming an enlarged bursa, but of such slow accumulation was it, that I did not experience any inconvenience until eight months after the accident, and then it increased so much as almost to prevent the possibility of walking. I have since that time been under the care of some of the most experienced gentlemen in the medical profession, by whose direction I have used various embrocations, pressure, and have repeatedly applied strong blister, in order to its dispersion, without success, but which I feared would terminate with a stiff joint or contracted leg, and was at last recommended by one of the most eminent practical surgeons of the present day, to try the effect of your Medicated Vapour Bath, and which, I am happy to say, in the course of a fortnight completely restored the free use of my leg, and I now walk perfectly easy with a very trifling sensation of pain indeed; and I am so satisfied of the benefit I have received, that I shall have pleasure in giving any information on the subject to any person whom you may think fit, or have occasion to refer to me.

I am, Sir,

Very faithfully yours,

W. Rousseau.. Chertsey, Surrey, Sept. 28, 1825.

To Mr. Mahomed, Shampooing Surgeon, Brighton.