Case XXV. Case Of Sciatica

Brighton, April 16, 1825. Dear Sir, - I am happy to leave my testimony with you of the benefit I have received from the application of your Medicated Vapour Baths. When I arrived in Brighton last Monday week, I could with difficulty place my legs to the ground; I cart now walk about without assistance either from stick or crutches. The Sciatica was my complaint. I sincerely trust I shall feel no more of it.

I have also derived benefit from your Indian Medicine. Wishing you and your family your health,

I am, yours, obediently, James Hood.

Case XXVI. Contraction Of The Knee And Inflammation

Mr. H. Weld has great pleasure in acknowledging the wonderful efficacy of Mr. Mahomed's Baths, in removing a very severe and obstinate inflammation of the knee, with which Mrs. H. Weld had been afflicted for more than a year and a half, and which had resisted all the usual remedies. When first she consulted Mr. Mahomed, the complaint was rapidly gaining ground, the limb was much contracted, and Mrs. Weld's strength was exhausted. The very first Bath afforded relief, and appeared to destroy all tendency to inflammation, as she never after experienced any return of it, though she immediately entered upon a more nourishing plan of diet. By perseverance in the use of the Vapour Baths and other of Mr. Mahomed's remedies, for nearly three months, Mrs. Weld was gradually restored to health and the perfect use of her limb, So much so, that she is now enabled to walk two hours together without fatigue. Mr. Mahomed is at liberty to make what use he pleases of this letter, as it is the united wish of Mr. and Mrs. Weld to promote his interest to the utmost of their power.

Chidcock House, June 4, 1825.

Case XXVIII. Case Of Rheumatic Affection

To Mr. Mahomed

Sir, - Having received a perfect cure from the use of your Vapour Bath3, and thinking that a knowledge of the circumstance might be beneficial to those who may be afflicted as I have been, I will give a brief statement of the case and leave it to your discretion, whether or not to give it publicity. I was a great sufferer from extreme pain in my left side for some months, and was at length, obliged to leave my place of servitude and return home to my mother, who is a widow, and but ill able to provide for herself. I received every attention from an eminent medical gentleman, who at last candidly assured me, that he had done all he could, but recommended me to apply to a physician, which I did, but his prescriptions were of no use. I remained for five months without the least hope of ever again being able to get my living, when my late mistress proposed calling with me to consult you, as every other means had been resorted to without affording any permanent relief; but from the trial of your Vapour Baths for three weeks, I am perfectly restored to health, - am entirely free from the rheumatic affection which had seized the whole of my left side, and am now, consequently,, able to take another situation.

I know not how to express the gratitude I feel for the great act of, humanity and generosity shewn me, as well as for the kindness and attentions of Mrs. Mahomed and attendants, having no remuneration to offer but my most grateful acknowledgment.

I am authorised by my late mistress, Mrs. Fuller, of South-street, Lewes, to say, that any reference may be made to her, and she will be happy to give any further information that may be required; for such an entire cure far exceeded her most sanguine expectations.

I am, Sir,

Yours much indebted and obliged,

Mary Ade.

Hamsey, Sept. 5, 1825.