Case XVIII. Case Of Sprain And Inflammation Of The Knee

Mr. Winstgatt, Merton Cottage, Surrey, cured of violent inflammation of the knee and tightness of the tendons, occasioned by a fall, and of more than a year's standing, after applying one general and ten local Baths, at Mr. Mahomed's.

Brighton, Nov. 19, 1824.

Case XX. Case Of Rheumatism. To Sake Deen Mahomed

Sir, - Being under the necessity of leaving Brighton early to-morrow morning, after a residence here of about twenty days, during which time I have taken seven of your Vapour Baths, with the usual method of Shampooing, for a severe attack of rheumatism, I should think myself wanting in common justice to you, were I not to leave behind me a written testimony of the very great benefit I have experienced under your treatment.

When I first saw you, I was suffering so dreadfully from pain in the joints, that I could scarcely walk, even with the assistance of a stick: and I am now, by the blessing of God' and your skill, almost entirely free from all pain, and can walk as well as ever I could. You are at liberty to make known the particulars of my case, and I shall have much pleasure in replying to any inquiries that may be made as to the efficacy of your system. I am to be found or addressed by letter, at Walton-grove, Walton-upon-Thames, Surry - or at 39, Welbeck-street, Cavendish-square, London. I remain, Sir.

Your obedient servant,

George Blair.

Case XXI. Case Of Rheumatism

German-place, Friday. My Dear Sir, - Be so good as to send by the bearer, as much of your valuable medicated oil as you can spare, that you may finish that cure, you have so admirably begun. The bearer will pay the expence with pleasure.

I am obliged to return to town to-morrow - my address is No. 51, Pall Mall, where I have resided these 40 years - and from whence I will take the liberty of corresponding with you, upon the subject of my miserable rheumatic complaint, in which your good advice has already been of so much use to me. Believe me ever, My dear Sir,

Your obedient and obliged servant,

George Nicol.

Case XXII. Case Of Contraction Of The Knee

Mr. R. Dean was by Mahomed's Vapour Baths, enabled to lay aside his crutches, after having been compelled to use them for above two years, in the month of February, 1825.

Case XXIII. Case Of Contraction And Inflammation Of The Knee

I, William Gilfin, leave this as a testimony of the great benefit I have received from your valuable Vapour Bath; when I came to Brighton, I was obliged to have a Fly to come and go from the bath, hut after a short stay of one month, I could walk to the bath or any other part of Brighton, with one under-hand stick; my case was a bad knee, contracted with an inflammation, of which I had been lame six months. This is perfectly at your service to publish, if you think it worthy of a place in your book of cases of cures.

William Gilfin. Guestling, near Hastings, Sussex. March 7, 1825.

To Mr. S. D. Mahomed, Brighton.