Case XII. Case Of Lameness From Debility

Ship-street, Brighton, Monday, 12th August, 1824. Dear Sir, - Before quitting Brighton, I beg leave to express to you my thanks, for the very great benefit I have derived from the use of the Vapour Bath, which I am happy to say, has nearly quite restored me to my former state of health. I can now walk two or three miles, without finding any other inconvenience, than a slight pain in my leg; and make no doubt I shall very shortly be entirely recovered. I shall feel pleasure in recommending your baths to my friends in town, and remain,

Dear Sir,

Your very humble Servant, WM. Harrison. Mr. S. D. Mahomed

Case XIV. Case Of Weakness In The Ancle

Brighton, October 2, 1824. Mrs. Robert Page, of Kennington-road, Surry, was afflicted with a weakness in her ancle, attended with great pain, so much as to render her unable to bear her foot on the ground, and it is with great pleasure she acknowledges, that after taking Mr. Mahomed"s Vapour Bath daily thirteen times, she is enabled to walk about with the greatest ease, and without any inconvenience arising from it.

To Mrs. Mahomed, with many thanks for her kind attention.

Case XVI. To Mr. Mahomed. Case Of Complicated Disease

Dear SiR, - Having received the great benefit which I have from your able treatment of me, aided by the use of your Shampooing Baths, I feel it but my duty thus to state my case, in order that you may, if you please, make use of it in any future edition of your work.

Before I applied to you I had been suffering many years under a complication of disorders, and none of them of the least virulent kind. I was reduced to a skeleton, and, in fact, was one mass of disease; my imbecilities could only be equalled by a suspension of all my bodily faculties; I was wretched and miserable, an incumbrance to myself and to my friends. After the use of your Baths for a few times, and experiencing your kind attention for two or three days only, I began to be relieved of pain; the inflammation in my joints began to subside, and, in short, I began gradually to mend!! Having had about 30 Baths in the course of six weeks, aided by the use of your Indian electuary, I was entirely cured, and am as well and as strong as ever I was in my life.

I repeat, this letter and acknowledgment to be but a duty I owe you and the public, if you think proper to give it publicity.

I am, dear Sir,

Your's truly,

George Drowley. Lewes, Oct. 29, 1824.

Case XVII. Case Of Lameness From Debility

12, Broad-street. Dear SiR, - Had you not requested from me a written acknowledgment of the utility of your Vapour Baths, my own feelings would never have allowed me to quit this neighbourhood without leaving one; and the more especially as every additional testimony to the efficacy of your plan may lead to its more general adoption, and thereby further your own interests, as well as the health of other individuals. It may be satisfactory to others, and gratifying to you, to state that previous to my coming to Brighton, I had been confined for nearly three months with a total lameness in the left foot, which was considered by several medical gentlemen of respectability to proceed from either a sprain, or constitutional debility. On my arrival here I took the warm baths for three weeks, and was not sensible of the least amendment; I then was recommended by our own medical man to try your Vapour and Shampooing Baths: I visited you, when you gave it as your opinion that the nerve of the foot was chilled.

After the first bath I took I could stand with a stick, though I had not put my foot to the ground for three months; after the second I walked for half an hour; I pursued your plan for three weeks only, and I am most happy and grateful to say that I am now perfectly restored, and am able to walk a mile or two in the day, without any inconvenience. With best wishes for the health and prosperity of yourself and family, I remain, Sir,

Yours, most respectfully and obliged, Judith Hague. My place of residence is Tottenham Brook Place, Middlesex.