Case VI. Case Of Chronic Rheumatism

Sir, - You are at liberty to make use of my name in recommending your Medicated Vapour Baths, for the Chronic Rheumatism, they having cured me after suffering under that complaint for more than a year.

I am, your humble servant,

Thos. Knatchbull. To Sake Deen Mahomed.

April 1st, 1824.

Case VIII. Case Of Rheumatic Attack And Affection Of The Lungs

Sir, - Previous to my leaving Brighton, I feel it but gratitude to acknowledge the great benefit I have received from the use of your Vapour Baths, the first of which seemed completely to invigorate my whole frame, which was in a state of extreme debility, arising from a most severe rheumatic attack, as well as an affection of the lungs.

I am, Sir,

Your obedient servant,

B. Tupling. July 28, 1824. To Mr. Sake Deen Mahomed.

Any reference you think proper to make to me, I shall feel much pleasure in replying to. 23, Thavies Inn, Holborn.

Case IX. Case Of Rheumatic Affection

37, High-street, Brighton.

1st Aug. 1824.

Dear Sir, - I beg to say you have full liberty to refer any person to me who may be similarly circumstanced to myself, or afflicted in the way I have been with a violent rheumatic affection.

Last winter after much severe suffering and confinement to my bed for nearly two months, having tried every remedy, or professed remedy, suggested by two highly respectable practitioners, and being almost hopeless of finding relief, I was induced, at the strong solicitation of a friend, to apply to you. I did so, and having, not without, I must confess, some reluctance taken the first bath, (to which from my helplessness I was literally carried), I found immediate relief; a second further relieved me, and in a few baths more, I was completely restored, thus proving, I may add, incontestibly the great benefits to be derived from the use of your Vapour Bath and Shampooing, assisted by your excellent electuary.

I have no inducement but the public good in thus addressing you, begging you will make any use you please of this communication.

I am, dear Sir, with many thanks for your general attention,

Your most obedient Servant,

Richard Bishop.

To Mr. S. D.Mahomed,

Shampooing Surgeon.

Case X. Case Of Spinal Complaint

Miss J. Hudson begs to acquaint Mr. Mahomed, that she found great benefit from the use of his Medicated Vapour Baths, for a spinal complaint, which nearly restored her.

J. H. assures Mr. Mahomed, she will always feel much pleasure in recommending them. Ramsgate, May 7, 1824.

Case XI. Case Of Sprained Ancle

Sir, - A very severe sprained ancle, with a great distortion of the joint, for which I had been under medical advice both in London and in the country, for nearly nine months, having being cured by the blessing of God and your skill, in the short space of Six Weeks; I am anxious to assure you of the high estimation with which I shall ever regard your inestimable invention of the Indian Medicated Vapour Bath; and shall be most happy, whenever opportunity offers, to bear testimony to its efficacy. You are perfectly welcome to communicate the particulars of my case, and on reference to me at Walton-on-Thames, Surry, I shall have much pleasure in giving you every assistance in my power.

I am, Sir, with the warmest gratitude for my recovery to yourself, and Mrs. Mahomed,

Your obedient, humble servant,

A. M. E. Hatch.

Brighton, August 6th, 1824.