Additional Testimonials, Which Have Been Received By Mr. Mahomed, Since The Publication Of The First Edition Of This Work

Case I. Case Of Injured Spine

Thomas Hine, aged seven years, the son of Mr. David Hine, York-place, City-road, London, having met with a serious accident which affected the spine, was for eleven months quite unable to walk; several expedients were tried by the advice of different medical men, but no hope presented itself until advised to have recourse to Mr. Mahomed's Vapour Baths' In the course of a few weeks a favourable change took place, and by attending to Mr. Mahomed's directions, in a few months the boy was able to walk alone, and his parents have now the confident hope that ere long they shall see him restored to his former state. His back is grown out, but the operation of Shampooing has lessened the deformity, and there is reason to believe it may ultimately remove every defect.

Case II. Case Of Paralysis

Grosvenor-street, (West,) llthSept. 1820.

Dear Sir, - I take the opportunity of sending this letter by a friend, who is going to Brighton, to inform you that we arrived safe in town; and I know it will give you great satisfaction to hear, that Mr. Sewell ever since his return has felt himself much better, and wishes me to say "that he has most certainly derived great benefit from attending your Medicated Vapour Bath more than two months, for his great affliction under a most severe paralytic attack."

Mr. Sewell unites with me in best respects to yourself, and Mrs. Mahomed, wishing you and your children health. I am, with esteem, Dear Sir,

Your humble servant,

Ann Sewell. To Mr. Mahomed.

Mr. Sewell begs you will remember him to Mr. James, for his great attention to him while attending your Vapour Bath. King's-road, Pimlico.

Case III. Case Of Rheumatism

1, Cannon-place, April 21, 1823.

To Mr. Mahomed.

Sir, - I cannot leave Brighton without expressing my thanks to you for the great benefit my daughter has experienced from the use of your Medicated Vapour Baths, the rheumatism having entirely left her, and she is able to walk four miles with perfect ease; when first she took your Baths she could with difficulty walk from room to room. Allow me once more to repeat my thanks, and believe me to remain, Your obedient servant,

Elizabeth Parkinson

Case V. Case Of Strain With Gross Habit Of Body

Master John Bowles, son of H. C. Bowles, Esq. of Myd-delton House, Enfield, in December, 1823, from the effects of a strain with a gross habit of body to which he was subject, was obliged to be conveyed from school; his right leg was greatly swelled at the knee, and could not be put to the ground: he was attended by an eminent surgeon, who ordered fomentations and poultices to be applied: another celebrated surgeon agreed with him, that the leg should not be operated upon, but nature have its course. After six months' lingering, and walking with great difficulty by the aid of crutches, further advice was obtained from another eminent surgeon, who recommended Warm Sea Bathing, which was tried; he was brought down to Brighton in June. The Tepid Bath not being sufficiently powerful to create any great change, Mr. Mahomed recommended a trial of the Shampooing Vapour Bath, which repeated two or three times, occasioned a great discharge under the knee-By persevering, in a few months he was enabled, by the blessing of God, to lay aside his crutches, and before the conclusion of the year 1824, was completely restored to the use of his leg, and his bodily health being better than ever it was before.

The above is a short narrative of his case, and it cannot be concluded without offering sincere and grateful thanks to Mr. Mahomed for his kindness and attention.