Sir, - I had for several years past been afflicted with dreadful pains in the loins and back, which, no doubt, proceeded from inward complaint - I conjecture either from the liver or kidnies. I applied repeatedly to members of the faculty, but never found any benefit beyond a temporary relief. In the year 1821, I again experienced a return of my complaint, and suffered many days such agony that I was not able to move myself in my bed; in this situation I was induced, by the advice of several of my friends, to consult you, who advised me to lose no time in applying-a Vapour Bath: accordingly I was taken to the Bath, after which I found myself a little better, and repeating them for three days, I was enabled to walk home without any assistance, but still the swelling in some parts of my body did not abate. I was then requested by you to apply a sort of fomentation, which you prepared, consisting of tobacco leaves steeped in a particular liquid, this I constantly applied for two days and nights, after which time all inflammation, swelling, pains, etc. quite left me, and I took three or four more baths, when I found myself better in health than I had been for eighteen years.

I am, Sir, Your obedient servant, East-street, Brighton, F. Carter.

Nov. 19,1821.