June 26, 1822. Sir, - I beg leave to express how much benefit I consider that I have derived from the Shampooing in your Bath. I feel my limbs, both ankles and knees, stronger, and I experience less fatigue in walking. It is from these circumstances that I have decided to send my bailiff down to Brighton, that he may experience the effect of your Baths. He has been very ill for a length of time, above two years, and he now suffers much pain in his arms and knees. He will be at Brighton on Tuesday, and I hope enabled to commence his course of Baths on Wednesday next. I have told him that you will regulate what is best to be done about remaining for a long or shorter period at this moment, which had better depend upon the success that attends the operation, in which I have the greatest hope, from all I have seen and myself experienced,

I am, Sir,

Yours very truly, etc.

Essex. To Mr. Mahomed, Brighton.