(Extracted from the Brighton Gazette of the 30th August, 1821.)

As an additional instance of the great benefit to be derived from Mahomed's Shampooing, and the efficacy of such an application in similar cases to the one we are about to mention, induce us to relate the following which came under our immediate observation: - A lad, from severe cold, caught, it is presumed, by sleeping in a damp bed, that deprived him of the use of his limbs for many weeks, and which rendered him quite helpless, was recommended to try the effects of Shampooing - which he did, and after the first application, to our certain knowledge, he was enabled to walk, and did so back to the chair out of which it required the aid of two persons to assist him to the Bath! This we vouch for. We had previously heard of instances of the kind, but we were among those whose prejudices would not permit them to believe; we do now, and from the evidence we had of the invigorating and healing effects of this Eastern remedy, we shall ever be among its greatest advocates.