(Extracted from the Brighton Gazette of the 13th September, 182l.) As an instance of the efficacious application of the Vapour Bath and Shampooing, as practised by Mr. Mahomed, of this town, the following case has been laid before us by an individual, whose high respectability enables us confidently to vouch for its accuracy; we give it in his own words: "Mr. W - was troubled for years with a gouty affection, and contraction of the right leg, so bad as to cause him to retire wholly from business; the pain felt was excruciating in the extreme, and generally prevented his natural rest at night. He was at length advised to try the effects of Shampooing, which he did, and in the course of ten days was comparatively restored to health; this application was continued, and after eighteen Baths he was rendered satisfactorily convalescent." - We publish this with the same motive that has induced us to allude to similar cures having been effected by this means before, and with the view o impressing the public with a just opinion of what we know to be a useful and simple remedy for many disorders to which mankind are liable.