Extracted from the same respectable source (the Brighton Gazette) as the preceding.

To the Editor of the Brighton Gazette.

Sir, - Be pleased to give insertion to the following letter, and on my next visit to Brighton I will defray any charge you may be pleased to make.

Yours, etc.

(Signed) John Johnson.

Mr. Mahomed,

Sir, - The great benefit which I have derived from your mode of treatment, and the apparent happiness which it has imparted to a number of my best friends, induce me to take this mode of expressing my thanks, and at the same time of promulgating the cure to your advantage, which you have so successfully effected in me. In the month of August last I was persuaded to try Shampooing, for a long standing, painful, and confirmed case of Rheumatism. I had suffered, without intermission, for six months, and had been subject to repeated attacks, during the year, for the last ten years. When I applied to you I was reduced to childish imbecility in bodily strength, helpless, and miserable, without any prospect of being relieved. Your Bath cured me in one week - in one week was I restored to perfect health, which I had not enjoyed for years. I was, and still feel, like a man whose constitution had been renovated - who had been touched by the magical wand of some secret power, that imparted a vigour that seemed to defy the interruption of sickness. I could scarcely walk across the room when I first applied to you; - I can now walk a mile in ten minutes; and, in short, possess the most perfect state of health I could wish to enjoy.

To you I consider myself indebted, and to you, I repeat, I am bound to return, at least, my grateful thanks: and I feel it my incumbent duty thus publicly to express my feelings, for the benefit I have experienced by your method of Shampooing.

1 am, Sir,

Your obedient Servant,

John Johnson. Hay market, London, Nov. 1,1821.