The following names may be added under this head, as instancing cures of various complaints, but of which I have not been furnished with authority to publish more lengthened particulars:

Adams, Mrs. benefit in case of nervous debility. Barnes, Mr. cured of gout.

Bute, Right Hon. Marquis of, cured of case of numbness in the arm.

Carr, Mr. benefit in case of nervous debility.

Curry, Capt. cured of liver complaint.

Edwards, Miss, benefit in case of nervous debility.

Fitzgerald, Dr. Percy-street, London, cured of torpid liver.

Floyd, General, cured of gout.

Forlonger, Mr. nervous affection.

Gregory, Mr. Fordsham, Cheshire, nervous affection.

Grenville, Sir Charles, cured of sprained ankle.

Griflinhoofe, Mr. Surgeon, Hampton, Middlesex, cured of sciatica.

Hall, Mr. benefit in case of nervous debility.

Hamilton, Miss, benefit in case of nervous debility.

Harvey, Mr. cured of gout.

Hays, Mrs. cured of weakness of the knee.

Heathcote, Mr. Tottenham, nervous affection.

Hood, Sir Charles, cured of severe cold.

Innes, Mr. J. spinal case.

Johnstone, Rev. Mr. cured of gout

Jones, Miss, scorbutic attack.

Kelly, Mr. cured of gout.

Kent, Mr. C. cured of torpid liver.

Laay, Mr. benefit in case of nervous debility.

Maclean, General, cured of a case of numbness in the instep.

Mallard, Mr. Hampstead, cured of gout.

Miles, Miss, cured of inflammation of the eye.

Mills, Miss, cured of swelling in the neck.

Moleney, Mr. cured of violent pain in his bones and numbness of instep.

Oakly, Mr. cured of crick in the neck.

Oakly, Miss, cured of scorbutic attack.

Orhele, Mr John, Bury St. Edmonds, nervous affection.

Ossory, the Lord Bishop of, cured of gout in both feet and one knee.

Phillips, Mr. comedian, cured of loss of voice and violent hoarseness.

Pocklington, Mr. J. Camberwell, long standing scorbutic complaint.

Pocock, Mr. cured of piles.

Radcliff, W. cured of tightness of the chest.

Rading, Mr. benefit in case of nervous debility.

Ray, Lord, cured of severe cold.

Rediford, Mrs. cured of consumption.

Rogers, Dr. Worthing, cured of long standing sciatica.

Scott, Mr. cured of dropsy.

Smith, Mrs. cured of cancer in her breast of twenty years' standing. Sparks, Mr. Stoke near Guildford, cured of gout. Tusin, Mr. Limehouse, nervous affection. Tutty, Rev. Mr. Lewes, cured of numbness in the feet. Walkin, Miss, cured of severe cold. White, Mrs. cured of scrofula in the neck of fourteen years' standing. Wood, Mr. cured of gout. Woodman, John, Esq. cured of a rupture. Wyndham, the Hon. Mr. cured of weakness of the knee and instep, from the gout. Young, Mr. J. Brock-hill, liver complaint.