I need say no more; my never failing appeal to the cases which follow, will bear me out in what I have advanced; in this disease, I may repeat with a degree of confidence, I challenge competition from the cures which I have performed.

Case I

Edward Henry Tulloch, now at Brighton, under the care of Mr. Mahomed, was, whilst at Aston Clinton, seized with a paralytic stroke, and for two years, was entirely deprived of the use of his limbs; he had been, for a long period, under the care of Mr. Ewin, of Aylesbury, and Mr. Rolles, of Tring, without being in the least benefitted by their attendance; being recommended to Brighton for the air, and there hearing of many wonderful cures performed by Mahomed, was tempted to try his remedy, and, after three times bathing only, entirely got the use of his right arm, and experienced much benefit in every respect; gained appetite, and was enabled to rest without any composing medicines; which he had not before been enabled to do.

E. H. T. still continues the Baths, and, on every fresh application, finds an increase of strength and most wonderful relief. His friends and acquaintance are astonished at the rapid change in him.

(Signed) Edward H. Tulloch.

Sept. 1814.

Case II

I, Richard Long, of Derby-place, Brighton, hereby declare, that about 14 years ago I was seized with a paralytic stroke, which deprived me of the use of my right side, and caused flying pains about my breast, head, etc. so that I was unable to walk: hearing of Mr. Mahomed's wonderful cures, I applied to him, and, by the aid of his Bath, I am in a fair way of recovery, and of being restored to perfect health.

(Signed) Richard Long.

Sept. 12, 1814.

Case III

Mr. Lee Antonee's compliments to Mr. Mahomed, and begs his acceptance of the enclosed draft, for the benefit he has experienced himself, and likewise for the waiter, at the New Steyne Hotel. Mr. Lee Antonee hopes that Mr. Mahomed may enjoy long health.

New Steyne Hotel, Nov. 10, 1814.

Case IV

Sir, - Having experienced much benefit from the use of your Vapour Baths, in a paralytic case, with which I have been afflicted for twelve months past, you may, if you please, refer any one to me, No. 16, Highbury Terrace, Islington, for particulars, as I shall be happy to give you the fullest testimony of my approbation.

I am, your very humble servant, Brighton, Feb. 10, 1815. C. A. Wheelwright.

Case V

Mrs. Atkins, of Hinton, Yorkshire, begs to inform Mr. Mahomed of the great benefit Mr. A. has experienced from the use of his Baths. Mr: A., yesterday, without assistance, got up from his chair and walked two or three limes round the room, has been out to-day, and, I have no doubt, will be enabled to walk a mile or two in a few days. Mr. and Mrs. A. are very much obliged to Mr. M. for his very kind attention. - If any reference should be, at any time, made, Mr. A. will be most happy satisfactorily to answer it.

Brighton, Feb. 17, 1816.

Case VI

I, Joseph Schofield, was attacked with a paralytic stroke, which completely deprived me of the use of my right knee, but, after attending the Shampooing; about six times, was perfectly recovered.

No. 21, Cummin-street, Pentonville, London.

Cures, on the following highly respectable persons, have also been effected by me: - Atkinson, Mr. Bingham, The Hon. Mr. Cooper, Mr. Langharne, Admiral. Mather, Mr., Dover. Roddie, Captain, 38th Regiment. Smith, Mr. Royal Artillery, Woolwich.