It is only very advanced cases of exophthalmic goitre with considerable cardiac palpitation that require careful dieting. The indications for treatment are to support the strength and avoid flatulency and constipation, and any substances liable to increase palpitation or excite the nervous system should be withheld. Hence, stimulants of all kinds should be avoided. Tea, coffee, alcohol, condiments, and tobacco are all forbidden, as are also sugar, sweets, pastry, fried food, and "made dishes".

The food should be plainly cooked, and should consist of abundant meats, milk, fats (such as cream, butter, and cod-liver oil), carefully prepared cereals, fresh fruits, and green vegetables.

The theory has been advanced that proteid foods should be withheld in this disease, on the ground that they may intensify the nervous symptoms, but this does not accord with the experience of the writer in these cases. It would doubtless be ill-advised to order an exclusive proteid diet, but anaemia is often a prominent feature and the goitrous case is always made worse when the heart muscle is weakened by anaemia, hence it is desirable to employ a mixed dietary of animal and vegetable food, avoiding such substances only as may produce dyspepsia, as indicated above.