The dietetic treatment of gonorrhoea consists in avoiding all alcohol and stimulating food and drinking bland diluents.

In severe cases, and in cases among young children who have in some manner been infected, a skimmed-milk diet should be ordered at first. Later, light farinaceous articles, stale bread and butter, milk, and rice puddings should be added. Patients, for fear of attracting attention to their ailment, are often unwilling to restrict their meals, but they must avoid acid fruits, all highly seasoned and fried food, condiments, and pastry. Alcoholic drinks in all forms are absolutely prohibited. Malt liquors are especially bad, as they are in all diseases of the urethra, bladder, or prostate. No late meals should be taken. By observing these directions troublesome chordee and ardor urinae, so apt to appear in the first fortnight, may be prevented. Large quantities of such waters as soda, Seltzer, Apollinaris, and two or three quarts of plain water should be drunk. The fluid dilutes the urine, diminishes the danger of cystitis, and has the additional advantage of decreasing the appetite.