Locomotor ataxia is a disease which cannot be said to be particularly influenced by any system of dietetic treatment, although it is believed by some writers that the quantity of meat ordinarily eaten should be reduced. As in many other forms of very chronic nervous disease, a generous diet is desirable, with an abundance of fat, butter, cream, cod-liver oil, etc., when the stomach will tolerate it. Strong liquors should be forbidden, but light wines, malt liquors, tea, and coffee may be allowed in moderation. A reasonable use of tobacco need not be proscribed.

In those cases in which the "gastric crises " predominate the diet must be restricted for a few days when the crises occur, upon the principles established for the treatment of gastralgia. (See Gas-tralgia.) It may be necessary at such times to put the patient upon a simple milk diet.

Other diseases of the spinal cord do not usually demand particular dietetic treatment, but Bauer says that "some diseases of the spinal cord lead to an extraordinary falling off of the demand for nutriment." This is due to alterations in general metabolism, which is further evidenced by a marked reduction in temperature.