Rosacea is a chronic skin affection disfiguring the middle parts of the face, about the nose, mouth, cheeks, and sometimes the forehead, by red patches of dilated capillaries.

It is regarded as a reflex neurosis of the local vasomotor nerves. It is oftenest caused by erroneous diet, and especially by strong drink, which dilates the facial arterioles and also excites gastric catarrh. Jackson says: "The inordinate use of strong tea acts in the same way, and probably gives rise to as many cases as does alcohol".

Dietetic Treatment

The dietetic treatment is very important. It involves the prohibition of all alcoholic drinks, as well as hot beverages of every kind, such as tea, coffee, and soup. Existing dyspepsia should be treated, and all rich food, desserts, sauces, pickles, strong condiments, dried, salted, or canned foods, fried substances, and sweets should be withheld. The patient must be kept for several weeks or months upon a low, non-stimulating diet of plainly cooked food, such as that advised for the treatment of eczema.