Arrowroot Blancmange (Ringer)

Take two tablespoonfuls of arrowroot, three quarters of a pint of milk, lemon, and sugar to taste.

Mix the arrowroot with a little milk to a smooth batter; put the rest of the milk on the fire and let it boil, sweeten, and flavour it, stirring all the time, till it thickens sufficiently. Put into a mould till quite cold.

Arrowroot Blancmange (U. S. Army Hospitals)

Two table-spoonfuls of arrowroot. Two thirds pint of hot water. Two table-spoonfuls of sherry or brandy. Two teaspoonfuls of sugar.

Mix the arrowroot into a smooth paste with three tablespoonfuls of cold water. Add this to the hot water. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly till well blended and free from lumps. Let boil for ten minutes. Add the sugar and sherry or brandy. Beat up quickly and pour into a bowl or mould to cool. Arrowroot blancmange may be made with fresh hot milk or condensed milk diluted. If boiling water is used it causes the starch of the arrowroot, when first poured in, to form into lumps. Hence it is best to have the water not quite at boiling point.

Arrowroot (Pavy)

Mix thoroughly two teaspoonfuls of arrowroot with three tablespoonfuls of cold water, and pour on them half a pint of boiling water, stirring well meanwhile. If the water is quite boiling, the arrowroot thickens as it is poured on, and nothing more is necessary. If only warm water is used, the arrowroot must be afterwards boiled until it thickens. Sweeten with loaf sugar and flavour with lemon peel or nutmeg, or add sherry, port wine, or brandy, if required. Boiling milk may be employed instead of water, but when this is done no wine must be added, as it would otherwise curdle.

Oatmeal Gruel (Plain) (From Food)

Two tablespoonfuls of oatmeal, one saltspoonful of salt, one scant teaspoonful of sugar, one cupful of boiling water, one cupful of milk. Mix the oatmeal, salt, and sugar together, and pour on the boiling water. Cook for thirty minutes; then strain through a fine wire strainer to remove the hulls, 54 place again on the stove, add the milk, and heat just to the boiling point. Serve hot.

Scotch Beef Broth

To a pint of beef broth which has been carefully strained and seasoned and from which all the fat has been removed, add a teaspoonful of oatmeal and boil gently for two hours. Strain and serve hot.

In this preparation the oatmeal should be soft and jellylike, and if too much water evaporates during the boiling, more should be added.

Cornstarch (U. S. Army Hospital Receipt For Twelve Men)

Cornstarch, six ounces; milk, three pints; water, twelve ounces.


Mix the cornstarch into a smooth paste with cold water. The milk and water must be boiling, to which add a little salt. Stir in the cornstarch. Let it boil three or five minutes.

Farina Pudding (U. S. Army Hospital Receipt For Twelve Men)

Farina, half a pound; milk, two pints; water, one pint; sugar, two and a half ounces; eggs, four ounces; nutmeg, half an ounce.


Put the water into a stewpan with a little salt. When it boils, stir in the farina. Let it boil twenty minutes. Stir in the milk, which must be hot. Beat the eggs until they are very light; mix the sugar with them. Stir in the eggs and sugar with the farina. Add the spice. Put it into a moderate oven and bake a half or three quarters of an hour.