The "fruit cure" has appeared in many forms. At one time it is confined to oranges, English walnuts, and cold water, and, strange to say, some dyspeptics are able to digest it for a short time; or it consists of sweet fruits and meat alone - dates, figs, prunes, bananas, and apples - upon the theory that fruits were the first food of primeval man, and ergo they are the natural food of all men - an extreme of atavism, surely! There is also a "lemon cure".

Another fruit cure extends through six weeks. It begins gradually by eating an apple or orange upon rising and again upon retiring. In three or four days the breakfast consists of several baked apples, a small quantity of bread and butter, and a little coffee.

During the forenoon several ripe apples or oranges may be eaten. At dinner fresh animal food is furnished with a potato and roasted apples or apple sauce. Green vegetables are allowed, but no bread or pastry of any kind. Pickles may be eaten. During the afternoon, more fruit, oranges, apples, grapes. Supper, like breakfast, with a little sago in milk, with currants, raisins, or apples. This diet is adapted to obstinate chronic constipation, some cases of obesity, and lithaemia.