Aleuronat is the gluten flour made from the aleuron layer of the wheat kernel. According to recent analysis, it is starch free, and contains eighty percent, of digestible proteids. It is made in Germany, sold by Lehn & Fink, wholesale druggists, New York. Recipes for the use of aleuronat will be found in Part Second.

Aleuronat zweiback, R. Hundhausen and Hamm, contains sixty-six percent, protein matter, and not a trace of starch. Even their "low gluten zweiback" does not contain starch. ,

The American Dehydrating Company, Waukesha, Wisconsin, dehydrates certain fruits and vegetables, which makes them entirely different from ordinary dried fruits. In out-of-town places, and the far West, these are most valuable in diet for the sick. The fruits and vegetables are dried so rapidly that the* cell structures are not destroyed. When soaked in water and carefully cooked, they have the flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables, which makes them far more appetizing than the ordinary dried fruits purchased in the market. An excellent point is that these goods are put into small tin cans in the room in which they are dehydrated. Dirt and air cannot penetrate, and they are absolutely clean.

Akoll Biscuits, Huntley & Palmer, London, contain, according to recent analysis, fifty-four percent. protein and not a trace of starch. It seems to me, with these various preparations that are easily obtained in our market, the question of bread for the diabetic patient is settled.