Currants, gooseberries and wineberries are remarkable for the amount of free acid they contain. The expressed juices of these fruits make an agreeable addition to effervescent waters. Currants eaten raw at the beginning of a meal, either plain or with sugar, are good in cases of chronic constipation.

Currant jelly is one of the most palatable and attractive of all fruit jellies, and may be served with meats, or in the absence of fresh currants, may be dissolved in boiling water, cooled and used with effervescing waters in cases of fever.

Frosted Currants

Select large bunches of full ripe currants. Beat one egg slightly, add ten grains of cream of tartar, then add gradually, beating all the while, sufficient powdered sugar to make an icing, about eight tablespoonfuls to the white of one egg. Wash the currants and see that they are perfectly dry; dip them, or rather push them down into this icing, and dry them on a sieve, putting them upside down if possible, so the currants will stand out from the stem and be thoroughly iced all over. Serve on a small glass dish, for breakfast or luncheon. There is no food value particularly in a bunch of currants, but they make one of the most attractive dishes for invalids; they are dainty, sightly and appetizing.

Currant Shrub

Strip sufficient red currants from the stems to make a half pint; put them in a saucepan with a quarter of a cupful of water, cover the saucepan and bring to boiling point. Press them through a sieve or strain through two thicknesses of cheesecloth, and stand aside until wanted. At serving time put one gill of this juice in a tumbler, and siphon the tumbler full of either seltzer or carbonated water, or Apollinaris.

Black Currants

These are entirely different from red currants, both in taste and food value. The juice of black currants may be expressed the same as red currants, and used as a "shrub," or may be made into jelly to serve with game or red meats.

Currants And Raspberries

The expressed juice of red currants, with an equal quantity of raspberry juice, makes an exceedingly nice beverage when diluted with Apollinaris or with carbonated water.

These fruit waters are useful in fevers, and are especially desirable where lime or lemon juice cannot be obtained.