This is a starch made from the tuber of the Canna edulis, and like arrowroot, is very easy of digestiori. These are the largest of the starch grains, are round with concentric markings and a central hilum. This starch is not used to any extent in the United States except for the making of Turkish Delight, a sort of jelly-like, elastic candy. It is, however, a valuable starch in cases of rheumatism or chronic constipation. It may be used precisely the same as arrowroot, made into jelly or gruel, with milk or water. I have also used it with good results in gastric troubles.

Tous-Les-Mois Panada

Put a half pint of milk into a double boiler, add a tablespoonful of granulated sugar and twenty-four almonds that have been blanched and ground; when this is hot add one teaspoonful of Tous-les-Mois moistened in two table-spoonfuls of cold milk. Stir until the mixture begins to thicken, cover the boiler and cook ten minutes. Serve warm, plain, or with a little thin cream.

For dyspeptics, where there is too little hydrochloric acid, serve without cream and sugar; add a little salt.