As obesity is due to either the one or the other - or to both, of the two causes: excess of fat-producing material in the food, or deficiency in oxygen for a thorough combustion - it follows that the only scientific and sane remedy to be recommended to those, overburdened by fat, is to abstain from the former and increase the latter. And, furthermore, as the excessive fat-producing material has its essential and primary representation in the sifted white flour and extracted sugars of commerce, the first and absolutely inevitable step will be to remove these two items from the diet. The next move is to introduce an earnest and practical system of deep and rhythmic breathing.

The corrective role played by deep breathing in the case of obesity is readily appreciated in the fact that the formation of abnormal adipose tissue proceeds through a more or less faulty metabolism associated with the deeper cause of insufficient oxygenation of the blood.

The safe-guard against fatty degeneracy is consequently to be found in a clean, whole some, natural diet, made up mostly of raw, juicy fruits and vegetables - enjoyed at distinct and separate times.

Breakfast if, taken at all, should consist solely of:

1 - Baked apples, or stewed prunes, or some one variety of fresh fruit in season.

For lunch a few nuts and a combination-salad made up of some one group of congenial vegetables, like the following:

1 - Pecan-nuts or English walnuts.

2 - Lettuce, raw carrots and turnips; or lettuce, onions, tomatoes and parsley; or lettuce, chopped cabbage, black olives, served with home-made mayonnaise dressing.

The menu for the evening meal may be composed of:

1 - Beet-tops, summer-squash and boiled cabbage (plain), or dandelion greens, turnips and mustard greens, or spinach and celery, or stewed onions, carrots and parsley.

2 - Hard, toasted, whole-wheat or rye bread (one or two slices), or a baked Irish potato.

No fresh bread, mushes, puddings or cakes at any time.

AVOID beans, peas and lentils.

Lean meat may be used three or four times a week, preferably at the noon-meal, but never in the fried form of preparation. Milk, cream, butter and animal fats should be carefully avoided.

At time of retiring enjoy a raw, tart apple.

Every morning, an hour before the first meal, drink a cup or two of hot water, containing the juice of one-half lemon.

Plenty of brisk walking is a splendid exercise for the fat, also the practice of such games as golf and tennis.

Hot baths containing one pound of Epsom salts to each six gallons of water should be taken at night, - three or four times a week, the length of time not to exceed 15 minutes.

Like leanness, however, obesity is often influenced by the attitude of the mind. As the former may be aggravated by restlessness, discontent, worry and nervous tension - conditions that like a high-frequency electric current, consume the insulating protective coverings of its circuit - so, on the other hand, the sluggish, indifferent, indolent nature, may by its mental inertia, cause stagnation in the vital currents of the system, from which rise deposits of degenerate tissue. Vital interest in the world and its humanizing issues; willingness to serve and to sacrifice, ever sensitized and responsive to the wants and sufferings of others - may often be more efficacious than dietetic and physio-cultural measures in restoring the poise, harmony and beauty to the grandest creation of universal life - the human body.