Monday. Breakfast

1 - Onion-oatmeal-flaxseed cream:

(To prepare: soak one tablespoon of Scotch, steel-cut oatmeal and one teaspoon un-ground flaxseed in a quart of water over night. Add in the morning, a sliced onion - the size of an egg - and a little salt, and keep at a boiling point for one and one-half hours, until it becomes the consistency of thick cream. Strain through a puree strainer very thoroughly before serving. One pint of this preparation to constitute the entire allowance per person for breakfast. No bread.

Monday. Lunch

1 - Raw vegetable salad (grated carrots, parsley and black olives on lettuce, dressed with olive oil).

2 - Brazil nuts - two or three.

3 - Slice of well-baked, whole-wheat bread.

Monday. Dinner

1 - Boiled onions (cooked with parsley).

2 - Stewed carrots.

3 - Broiled sirloin steak (one portion not to exceed three ounces.

4 - Whole-wheat zweibach.

Monday. At bedtime

A well ripe apple.

Tuesday. Breakfast

1 - Stewed raisins. (See footnote.)

2 - Cheese sandwich. (American cheese melted over a slice of whole-wheat toast.)

Tuesday. Lunch

1 - Raw vegetable salad (green onions, fresh tomatoes, parsley or lettuce with mayonnaise dressing, containing a mere dash of lemon juice).

2 - Pecan nuts.

3 - Whole-wheat zweibach.

FOOTNOTE. - Though not in strict conformity with dietetic principles, to mix acids and starches - raisins and bread - such a combination can be rendered safe if the starch of the bread is first destroyed by a process of intense heat, through second baking. This gives us the zweibach - twice baked bread - in which the starch is reduced into dextrine, and consequently is no longer subject to fermentation.

Tuesday. Dinner

1 - Baked Irish potatoes.

2 - Summer squash with parsley.

3 - Roast leg of lamb (three ounces). No bread or cereals.

Tuesday. At bedtime

A raw, juicy apple.

Wednesday. Breakfast

1 - Baked apple.

2 - Poached egg on shredded wheat biscuit. Cow's butter.

Wednesday. Lunch

1 - Salad (Raw grated carrots, turnips with parsley and lettuce, dressed with olive oil or mayonnaise.

2 - Cornmeal mush (cooked two hours). Cow's butter. No Bread.

Wednesday. Dinner

1 - Boiled cauliflower.

2 - Stewed carrots with parsley.

3 - Baked omelet.

4 - Unpolished rice. Cow's butter. No bread.

Wednesday. At bedtime

Raw apple.

Thursday. Breakfast

1 - Stewed prunes.

2 - Crisply toasted whole-wheat bread.

3 - Peanut butter.

Thursday. Lunch

1 - Raw vegetable salad (celery, parsley and ripe olives on lettuce with mayonnaise dressing).

2 - Four English walnuts.

3 - Boston brown bread (without the raisins).

Thursday. Dinner

1 - Baked Irish potato.

2 - Cottage cheese with chopped green onions spread on top. Cow's butter. No bread.

Thursday. At bedtime

Raw apple.

Friday. Breakfast

1 - Stewed or steamed figs.

2 - Bacon - small slice - crisp.

3 - Toasted triscuit. No bread.

Friday. Lunch

1 - Raw tomato, stuffed with green peppers, parsley, chopped walnuts and black olives on lettuce.

2 - Crisp whole-wheat toast.

Friday. Dinner

1 - Surf-fish or Whiting with parsley dressing (made from whole-wheat flour beaten with butter and chopped parsley).

2 - Buttered beets.

3 - Unpolished rice.

Friday. At bedtime

Raw apple.

Saturday. Breakfast

1 - Stewed dried peaches.

2 - Soft boiled egg.

3 - Whole-wheat toast (zweibaach). Cow's butter.

Saturday. Lunch

1 - Vegetable salad (cabbage slaw, parsley and chopped walnuts served on lettuce with mayonnaise dressing or olive oil).

2 - Whole-wheat bread. Cow's butter.

Saturday. Dinner

1 - Baked sweet potato.

2 - Broiled Salisbury steak (three ounces).

3 - Black ripe olives.

4 - Chopped green onions. No bread.

Saturday. At bedtime

Raw apple.

Sunday. Breakfast

1 - Cream of Groats (prepared as onion-oatmeal-flaxseed cream). No bread.

Sunday. Lunch

1 - Vegetable salad (raw carrots, celery and chopped walnuts on lettuce with mayonnaise dressing).

2 - Roast chicken (three ounces).

3 - Corn bread. Cow's butter.

Sunday. Dinner

1 - Hominy.

2 - Cottage cheese.

3 - Butter milk.

4 - Chopped walnuts.

Sunday. At bedtime

Raw apple.

FOOTNOTE. - Sufferers from diabetes, or any constitutional form of weak liver, would do well in trying the health-food preparation, "Phospho D. & D." - a flour put up by Mr. Dav. Harrison, Los Angeles, Cal., in care of "The Phospho Food Company."