On the therapy

Wilhelm Reich 'The Function of the Orgasm1 Souvenir

Wilhelm Reich 'Character Analysis' Touchstone USA

Elsworth F. Baker 'Man in the Trap' Collier Macmillan USA

David Boadella 'Wilhelm Reich; the Evolution of his work' Vision 1973

Myron Sharaf 'Fury on Earth' Deutsch 1983

Peter Reich (Reich's son) 'A Book of Dreams' Barrie 4 Jenkins 1974 Orson Bean 'Me and the Orgone'

Alexander Lowen 'Bioenergetics' Penguin 1976 Ken Dychtwald Bodymind'

Jack Lee Resenberg 'Total Orgasm' Wildwood House

Sheila Ernst and Lucy Goodison 'In our own Hands' Womens Press

John Southgate 'Basic Dimensions of Character Analysis' (Article in Energy and Character Vol 11 No 1) Self and Society Magazine

John Rowan 'Wrestling with Freud' (Article in a recent 'Energy and Character')


Wilhelm Reich 'The Mass Psychology of Fascism' Pelican Wilhelm Reich 'People in Trouble' Farrar, Strauss 4 Giroux USA Wilhelm Reich 'Sex Pol' (Collected Essays)

Wilhelm Reich 'The Sexual Revolution' Vision

George Frankl 'The Failure of the Sexual Revolution' Mentor 1975

William West 'Politics, Reich and Feminism' (Art. in Energy and Character) Vol 10 No 3. - also included in Loving Contact.


William West 'Loving Contact' A collection of articles from my work and life as a Reichian Therapist.

Wilhelm Reich 'The Invasion of Compulsory Sex Morality' Pelican John Southgate et al 'Co-operative and Community Group Dynamics'

Nic Waal et al 'The Diagnostics of Respiration' (in Energy 4 Character) Vol 11 No 3. Charles Kelley (pamphlet) 'Orgonomy, Bioenergetics, and Radix'

Some of the above will be hard to track down. The best place is CHANGES BOOKSHOP, 242, Belsize Road, London, NW6. If not there try Compendium Books, 234 Camden High Street, London, NW1.

For details of the Post Reichian Therapy Association/Energy Stream (therapists, groups, training courses) send SAE to: 12 St. Annes Avenue, Leeds 4.

Other Publications By William West

"William West encourages Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness as solutions to personal and global ills .... for many his writings will be as controversial as those of Reich." - Cahoots Magazine. January '87.


This is a collection of essays and articles exploring the Reichian view of politics, therapy, sexuality, weather control, fascism and healing.

"These pamphlets (Melting Armour and Loving Contact) are solid gold, and should be on the shelves of anyone remotely interested in Reichian work." - Nick Totton.

"William West is one of Britain's more respected Reichian therapists—keeping closer to basic principles than many who claim to follow Reich's principles." - Brian Wade, Changes Bookshop, news-sheet 7/8

"I read Loving Contact with a Birmingham accent!" - Rob Cumming.

GOLDEN ROSE — some notes on spiritual healing.

"Golden Rose feels very clear and steady and full . . . (and it's so beautifully presented too!)" - Mary Lewis.

". . .a very useful pamphlet to read as an introduction to the different aspects of Spiritual Healing . . . and for those who are interested in practised healing ... it is obviously a personal statement and as such has helped me in my own development as a healer. It has given me greater insight into the urgently needed work to be done." - Nicola Pilkington.


Notes from my work as a Reichian Therapist and Spiritual Healer. A series of essays and notes, exploring the links, meetings, theories and practises of the Reichian world and the Spiritual Healing worlds as they meet inside me and outside in the work I do.

"I think everyone should read the chapter about clairvoyance and counselling. It links the Therapy World with the Psychic World neatly and it's a sorely needed link between the two worlds of heart and head." - Tanya.

A STAKE IN MY HEART - further heresy.

This pamphlet includes: Sex and Service/Pain, Suffering and Transformation/Needing and Caring/Healing without Ego/My Heart Clicks/The Female Principle/Eyeing Psychic /Reichian Group Work/Sex/Hurt/Need to Love Our Bodies/Thoughts on Protection/ Emotions in Healing/Psychic Control - with Drawings by KIRSTY O'CONNOR.

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