A soothing (not nourishing) material for a drink, in cases of irritation of the throat, or cough. It is simply dissolved in water, a tablespoonful to a half pint. Some persons like to chew and dissolve the gum in the mouth for the same purpose, instead of licorice or candy.

Hamamelis Virginiana is the witch hazel; principal ingredient in Pond's Extract. Tincture of Hamamelis is much used by some physicians in England for spitting blood; if the blood comes from the stomach, one drop of the tincture in water, every ten or fifteen minutes at first; after a few doses, at longer intervals until relief is afforded. If it be hemorrhage from the lungs, the dose of the same tincture may be one drop every hour or two. Larger doses will cause throbbing headache with some persons. It is also given for bleeding from the bowels or from piles.