When a child's stomach is sick, or it is obstinately colicky, one of the most helpful things is a spice-plaster. Take of ginger, cinnamon, and cloves, all powdered, each one or two teaspoonfuls; of wheat flour, the same amount. Mix all up together on a hot plate, with enough whiskey or brandy to make a pasty mass. Spread this (not too thickly,on account of its weight) on a piece of thin flannel, with the edges turned in over it all round. When applied to the abdomen (it had better be large enough to cover the whole belly), it should have laid over it a piece of oiled silk, to prevent evaporation. Then it can stay on several hours, and, when dry, may be freshened up again by adding a little more brandy or whiskey.

Like the spice-plaster in action, is the application of a piece of flannel wet with essence of ginger, and covered with oiled silk. This will be somewhat more irritating to the skin of young and delicate children than the spice-plaster.