This being the most prevalent disease known, it requires a large number of remedies to combat it successfully. At the beginning, ordinary remedies for a cold in the head will suffice, but later, others must be added. Allium cepa, for bland-discharge from the eyes and burning excoriating discharge from the nose. Arsenicum, burning discharge, watery discharge with sensation as if the nose was stopped up. Berberis, purulent discharge from the nose, left nostril worse. Calcarea carb., for children with enlarged tonsils, scrofulous tendency, crooked legs.


Euphrasia, eyes inflamed full of tears. Hepar sul., with croupy cough from exposure to cold winds. Nux vomica, dry nose at commencement, then fluent in daytime and dry at night. Costive, Pulsatilla, thick, yellow, greenish discharge, loss of smell and appetite, better out of doors, worse in a warm room. Sanguinaria, alternation of fluent running and stoppage of the nose.